Celebrating SU5- My first trip to KATL

Unless you have an absolute monster rig (and sometimes not even then), and you’re even remotely like me, you have avoided really dense scenery airports like JFK, ATL, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, and any number of a places that you just never even bothered trying to go because you knew you’d run square into a slide show.

Well, it seems SU5’s performance enhancements might have put an end to that, as yesterday I flew in and out of Charles de Gaulle, and today I went from KMIA to KATL in the A32NX. It’s the first time I’ve ever bothered even trying, and it made for a great trip. I fly in VR, so screen shots while the flight is still going is problematic at best, but I did grab a couple of good ones (at least I think so) after I landed and turned VR off.

Enjoy! As always, all comments and even criticisms are appreciated.



That’s great! Yeah I too couldn’t fly out of KATL without terrible lag in VR before but now it’s pretty smooth after the update.