Center Wheel Steering Animation (Blender)

Has anyone been able to get the center wheel animation working? I have all of the other exterior animations working great, but I cannot get the center wheel steering animation to work. I have attempted using custom animations as well as the animation templates with no luck.

This is most simple way.

Keyframe of animation:
0 = Full left
100 = neutral
200 = Full right

(A:RUDDER DEFLECTION PCT, percent) 100 +

By adding 100 + you can get neutral steer position when parking.

Thanks for the reply! Actually, I have the animation for the rudder working already. Were you able to get the center steering wheel working?

Above is a basic sample. Now I am using (A:GEAR CENTER STEER ANGLE, percent) 100 + for my steering animation in recent (though for p3d and fsx models). Working well for me.

I’m not sure what I’m doin wrong, but center gear on my airplane doesn’t want to move. I use Blender, and I animated all airplane surfaces already (ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps all work great), but the gear doesn’t work.

I have it animated as GEAR_Steering, according to template within the ModelBehaviorDefs:

<!-- Animate steering wheel (ID is a STANDARD_GEAR enum value, default is 0(center)) -->
<Template Name="ASOBO_GEAR_Steering_Template">
	<UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim">

Animation name is entered in the airplane xml, but no luck. I wonder if I’m missing something else.
Thank you

Regarding above, animation is fine. I had some sort of an issue with contact points, weights and/or balances as I discovered that the game was not feeding GEAR STEERING ANGLE data. After some tweaks with CG and MOIs, steering started to work

I’m facing exactly the same issue

Do you remember exactly the settings you changed ?