Cerenado C182T

Did anyone buy it ?
What is your experience with it ?
Is it any good ?
How does it fly ?
Does it look good ?

Just like to know what are your likes and dont likes, I dont have it yet but as a Cessna Fan it’s tempting me already so just wondering if it’s really good.

Found this one video but dont understand the language what he says, plane looks good though from what I see, and wow doors that can open, why did Asobo not just do this in their defaults.


I plan too but I am a customer of Carnedo and have been for a long, long time. All of their aircraft are top rate.

I would wait, I’m afraid that some companies are just converting addons from FS X at the moment. Someone showed some photos of the Orbix airports showing how the textures are with the same quality as the textures of FS X.

I am a simple player. Could anyone point out whats the diff between this and the C172 we already got?

2 completely different aircraft to make it simple.

It is a nice aircraft and flies as good as the default ones.
The 3D model is the same as on other sims (XP11, P3D).
Rain effects are working fine, doors and windows can be opened.

It has the same bugs as all default aircraft as it uses default Avionics.

Is it worth the price? Only if you really want to fly a C182T now.


This is very clearly a port and not a new product. I was afraid of companies doing this… we should be getting new models, textures and overall new products for a simulator that is quite literally the “next generation”.

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Yeah, but this one seems to have pretty good textures and details, so why wouldn’t they port it?

I’d rather pay less for a good port than having a “new” product that does the same…

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I would be tempted if it were cheaper - just seems over priced to me.


No A2A no cessna period.


That was my thought too

Nice feature, I hope their Mooney M20 will allow this too

Knowing Cerenado it probably will

Well it’s carenado. They go for quantity not quality. In 3 months there will be 50 Carenado AC in the marketplace. They are good for what they are: arcade. So if you are happy with the default AC then it will make you happy. If you want to do realistic Simming as real as it gets you wait for A2A for example.


I bought it and all of the liveries are the same. Dont know whats up with that. Also Garmin 1000 does not have autopilot. ???

it is only the preview which is the same. the liveries are indeed different ingame.
The Autopilot is the small box under the G1000 at the middle console right above the throttle.

The plane needs a lot of bugfixes and i hope they will release a fix soon.

thanks for the reply… seems my liveries are all the same, maybe they will download a fix , thks again for the help with auto pilot,

There is something wrong with the payware craft. Two pilots can not both spawn in or fly near each other in this aircraft without having a crash to desktop for one or both of them. We have a group of three of us which all purchased this aircraft only to find that we can’t even fly it together. The game crashes 100% of time when spawning in.

We enabled generic model loading and that did nothing, we tried various aircraft spawning in on the 182, 80-90 percent of the time there is no crash when a default plane and the payware craft interact, but again if you encounter another 182 in the world, our experience is that 100% of the time your game or the other players, or both, will crash to desktop as of this post.

Make sure to reach out to Cerenado and report it, that aint good at all

I agree with you completely :+1: