Cesna 172 Cold & Dark - Can't start the plane!

So I have been trying to start the Cesna 172 with the Garmin 530/430 from a cold and dark state but the plane won’t start. The default Cesna 172 with the Garmin 1000 works fine.

I really want to fly this plane haha, should I try to reinstall the game or is this a known bug? I have seen videos on YouTube where other players are starting it from a cold and dark state with no problems.


Have you remeberd to open the fuel shutoff valve and set mixture to rich?


Fuel shutoff valve was closed, thank you!

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In real aircraft that control typically never gets moved. Enough times in the past pilots had enough fuel to get the engine going but had their engine cut on climb out. I’m not sure why the designers chose to have the default position as off. It might be different outside the US.

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That got me too, the 172 g1000 does not have that issue, i figured i knew the procedure and the 172 standard would be the same but it wasn’t, only when i checked the checklist did i realise that little hidden button was holding me back :smiley:

Motion lotion.

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