Cessna 152 Icing

I had a quick glance / search of the C152 pilots operating handbook and the advice for icing is land. I had thought the C152 would be able to manage ice through de-icing etc but seems not. Can anyone clarify if there are routines that help fly in conditions that would lead to ice build up?

I can see heated pitot tube, carb heat and internal heater but when I’ve experienced ice I don’t seem to be able to clear the windscreen in MSFS2020. Is it a bug or reality.

The C152 has no airframe de icing systems. The aircraft is not cleared for flight in icing conditions. Avoid conditions where moisture is present and the temperature is near or below freezing.
The pitot heat just keeps the pitot tube clear of ice for a reliable airspeed indication.
Carbheat does a similar thing for the carburettor.


The C152 is not rated for those conditions. Don’t fly in icing conditions.

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All you have is cabin heat.
That comes out a defroster vent below the windscreen.

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Thanks for the clarification, just wanted to be sure I had not missed anything.

To everyone who responded thank you for your support.


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