Cessna 152 VOR Indicator

Hello, can anybodyplease tell me what’s the purpose of that orange/red flag with the two arrows is?
I think there’s one on the right sight and one at the bottom of the instrument.

Not near my PC, but the up arrow should be the TO indicator which shows that you are flying towards the VOR, and the down arrow is the FROM indicator and shows that you are flying away from the station.

This is known, I mean this double-arrow flag:

This is not only a VOR gauge, but an ILS gauge as well.
Looks like the OFF flags for LOC and GS to me.

On most VOR indicators that flag will say “OFF”. For the vertical needle, the purpose of the flag is to show that no VOR or localizer signal is being received on the tuned frequency of the associated nav radio, or that the signal is too weak for reliable navigation. In the case of a VOR specifically, it could also indicated that the aircraft is currently on a radial offset by 90 degrees left or right of the course set in the OBS.

The flag on the horizontal needle shows the status of a received glideslope signal. It will always be present if a non-ILS frequency is tuned on the nav receiver.

I assume an absence of vertical flag (at the right) means “no GS” and of horizontal flag means “no LOC”, right?

The absence of the flag indicates that the signal is good. The presence of the flag indicates that the signal is missing, or too weak. Usually on most flight instruments, a red or orange flag is a warning that the associated indication is inoperative.

As @HalberQuacky wrote, it’s exactly the other way round.
But the rest is correct.

Thanks for your replies. That made things clear! :+1: :+1:

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