Cessna 152 windshield

I noticed today that my Cessna 152 has red horizontal lines on the windshield that it didn’t have before. Does anyone know why and how to remove them?

So, am I the only one having these red lines on the 152 windshield? Can someone please test?

I don’t seem to have a problem. Is it just the Cessna 152?

Could you post a screenshot illustrating this?

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Yes, just the 152. I’ll post a screenshot when I get home.

Sounds like the ones that appear during one of the flight training missions.

Here is a screenshot.

There must be a glitch. Those show up in one of the training school missions.

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You mean now I can’t remove it?

You could try redownloading the C152? It might correct the glitch.

Ok, thanks. I will try.

Also confirm that you aren’t actually in one of the training scenarios.

I did try to complete the first training scenario but got stuck on the clock part (I can change the time but it doesn’t turn green and I’m stuck there). But now I have the red lines even when flying normally out of the scenario. Dunno what to do.

Looks like the scenario thing is bugged. The yoke still blinking blue even when I’m already on the clock part.

I’ll probably have to deal with the plane with the red lines forever.

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Hopefully not. Have you tried a different plane, like the 172?

redownloading the aircraft from Content Manager should hopefully resolve it.

I only see textures for it in the Content Manager, not the plane itself. Guess it can’t be uninstalled and reinstalled.

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