Cessna-172 Disconnect tone

No add on mods… I do have the expensive version and so the 172s I’m talking about is the straight model… the one that comes with the deluxe version. The problem may also be in the G-1000 version, I just don’t know.
Immediately after this latest update for GB and Ireland, the Autopilot disconnect tone comes on continually after about 3 or 4 minutes and won’t stop. If I turn off the battery with the alternator running the electrical system the tone stops, but that obviously not a good workaround.

I don’t know what the development mode is… If I got in it by accident, how could I tell. Even still, this bug is unflyable in any mode. Very distracting.

All I did was place the C172s at an airport and then I went through the start-up procedure… The tone comes on, as it should, when the battery is first turned on. It goes off normally, but then 2 or 3 minutes later it comes on and stays on. Can’t get rid of it unless I kill the battery… Not good.

`Very fast with tons of memory… i9 with 125Gigs of RAM

`Did you submit this to Zendesk? No… don’t know what that is.

Zendesk is the help desk software that Asobo uses. You can find it by pressing the “Support” button at the top of the screen.

I’ve flown the steam gauge 172 exclusively these last few days, and I don’t have this problem with it. The only mod I have running that could affect it it is the GNS530, and Navigraph.

If it’s the G1000 172, are you certain its not the red warning dinging you will see highlighted at the bottom right of the PFD? You can cancel it by pressing that softkey.

Try the simple start with CTRL-E instead of Cold & Dark. If the tone persists, you may have a stuck control in your controllers mapped to AP On/Off.