Cessna 172 Fuel Shutoff Valve

I am trying to learn how to start the Cessna 172, I almost have it, except that the Fuel Shutoff Valve is very confusing. When I’ve searched the forums for this in the past, apparently it does work, but the animation always goes back to it’s “off” state, which makes it hard to know whether your engine is ready to be primed, especially when I am practicing mid-flight engine failures.

Is this going to be fixed anytime soon/Is this a known bug? If so, is it possible to fix this in the SDK?


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If you want to practice engine failure in flight just put the throttle to idol …that’s how it’s done in a real 172.

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I know, but I like turning the key off so I can practice properly re-start the aircraft.

I knew a guy that would pull the mixture on students. I about fell over when I heard him say it.

It’s only the animation that’s broken. When you click it does toggle on/off.

I know that, but is there a way to potentially fix this via the SDK, before the animation can get fixed by Microsoft?

Oh yeah, practicing an engine out my instructor pulls throttle. 200 ft AGL he sees me bumping the throttle and pulls the mixture. I honestly did not realize what he had done until I landed and the prop stopped windmilling LOL.

That is not the safest thing to do. Ok it is not safe at all. Smack him the next time that happens. If he has to do that it’s best to do a go around procedure and try it again when he sees you adding power.

The animation was wrong before the last update so not sure why is was not fixed.

Yeah, never did we sim an engine out with mixture. Throttle to idle does a nice job of simulating a windmilling prop. From altitude, we’d also crack the throttle every now and then just to help keep the plugs from fouling from the idling.

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