Cessna 172 Premium Edition, Cockpit is too bright even when the aircraft is switched off

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Cessna 172 Premium Edition, has the poorest cockpit lightning compared to its similar models (152 and 172, g1000)

I have included screenshot attachments comparing the three while they have been parked and not turned on.
Cessna 172 Premium Edition is very bright even when the plane is fully off; this is very bothersome for me since really do not enjoy bright lights, especially while flying at night.

Also there are 2 buttons : NAV/GPS and GPS/APR which won’t dim or turn off, these buttons are very bright.

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Enter the game with Cessna 172 Premium Edition Parked with engine off and compare with other aircraft(parked with engine off); It’s really bright.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

3080ti, I9 9900k CPU, 16GB RAM (High end PC)

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Since purchase (SIM 8 and 9)

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