Cessna 172 RNAV won't activate !?

So I’m about to lose my sense of funny. I’m bumbling along in my Cessna 172, autopilot in NAV mode having implemented the “Direct to” feature. As I get near the airport it’s cloudy, so I decide to fly an RNAV approach. I hit “Proc” and program the RNAV deets into the system. Looks groovy. I hit “Activate”, nothing happens… We’re still cruising straight to the airport and the airport is still the next active waypoint on the G1000. A short while later we cruise straight over the top of the airport, having never passed through the programmed RNAV waypoints. Blegh.


Did you re-cycle the CDI after activating the procedure?

It’s strange,

if you’re enough far from IAF and activate approach, it join your actual position to IAF and you can only activate NAV with GPS (magenta) indication. After near FAF glide indicator need to be catch with APR and all is in AP hands.

Yep, still doesn’t work.

It seems the RNAV is buggy. How irritating.

Ok no problem,

show screenshots and explain what you did. I understand that some things are bugy in sim still :slight_smile: Ok I can give you example, you can test this app on Slovakia Bratislava LZIB airport, set clear weather. Start rwy04 and climb runway heading 40deg. to 2500ft about 20nm away, check only pass CIFER waypoint to have time. Set in this time on FPL f.ex. start airport LZMA and destination logically LZIB. Click PROC and set approach RNAV 22, then you can right Execute it. Now you must see that you get track to first IAF point of approach and all what you need to do is click NAV on AP, check you have magenta GPS set. Your aircraft will turn toward IAF automatically. After pass ASTON your magenta glide indicator need to be in middle as indication you’re ok with altitude as minimum defined for approach to catch after FAF glide path. Then after glide indicator started going down, click APR and thats all :slight_smile: Very simply described to understand better, hope :slight_smile:

most likely a bug from the recent patch (

my usual aircraft 747 is bugged, for ILS… localizer button works fine, when I match the diamonds for the approach and hit the approach button, the light flicks back to localizer mode and unable to land

RNAV for 747 is the same

Hello OMICO4146

Many thanks for that description, I think it has helped me to solve the problem. It seems the RNAV will activate if you have a flight plan setup (I followed your instructions), but if you use the “Direct to” option, then the RNAV will not activate. Is this normal behaviour for the G1000 or is that a bug?


This is bug,

but interesting is that you can set after Direct To - arrival and approch, interesting is that arrival is OK and can be followed what I tested but approach not :slight_smile: Leave that BUG and set everytime all waht you need to have joy with flight till Patch will be released, if will be…