Cessna 172 Skyhawk Trim Reverting to 0.0


Very new to MSFS.

I’m asking here because I suspect it’s not a bug but more something I’m not doing right.

I can’t seem to adjust the pitch trim, by interacting on the screen or through keyboard, without it snapping back to zero. I can see the wheel turn by itself.

I’ve noticed that AP/Trim Disconnect stops the wheel from moving, which made me think that AP is on, but as far as I can see AP is not on. It even happens when I’m on the runway when I first start my flight - where I assume AP is guaranteed not to be on.

Is there something I’m missing? Very confused because I’m sure it wasn’t behaving like this last time.

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Make sure you haven’t bound “elevator trim axis” to anything, unless of course you have a hardware trim wheel.

I had this and then noticed that the “Assistance Options” in the main menu had defaulted back to “Easy” from my custom settings. In the Easy default, trim and a heap of other things are done for you so it overrides the control inputs. I noticed this because I when trying to adjust the rudder on taxi and also takeoff it kept overriding my joystick inputs like it had a mind of it’s own when it was the “auto throttle” and “auto rudder” and other settings that had turned on somehow. I now have random times where the assistance options default back to Easy and some times where it saves my settings, annoying and hopefully WU6 somehow clears out whatever bug is in there now. Maybe this is impacting you as well. Good luck.

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@tempestornado23 This was the issue. I’d only flown bush trips until now so I didn’t realise the assistant was active.

I stumbled on that solution after thinking my controller had crapped out and was sending bad signals. The next few times I launched the sim it kept defaulting to turning on all of those auto settings for throttle/take-off/landing/etc and would not save my settings. I haven’t launched WU6 yet (did the download and am watching the thousands of posts to see what to expect and tweak) but I’ll be checking that for sure.

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