Cessna 172 Sundays, "CHILE Fun Run" with EasternHops,

Hello, Flight Sim Friends, EasternHops invites you to join us during the Offical "Cessna 172 Sundays” This Sunday we will be flying the “CHILE Fun Run” an epic 15 leg 20 - 35+ nm run with Pilots from around the world. Hope you can join us.
When: Sunday, Sept 19th/21 11:am EDT/15:00pm,gmt

Where: on the MSFS2020 multiplayer, Server EAST USA

Communication >> https://discord.gg/easternhops

For full event information and flight plan, Airport Charts, and more, Check out our E-Generator

Need help use our “Let’s Chat” support line on our https://easternhops.com/ website home page.

Be sure to check out “Bush Divers” events as well on Saturdays

Happy Landings to all, Hope you will join us this Sunday

Brazil is very far from this route.

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ooops!!! thanks ill fix that lol, thanks for that now its Chile Fun Run , my bad

Where are you departing from today? Is this at 4pm, UK Summer Time?

Yes, 4pm BST every Sunday. Always a great event.

Where are you starting from and, do I need to register anywhere? This is my first time for a fly-in.

Go to their website:
Click the ‘generate’ button to generate a flight plan
Scroll down to where it says download flight plan
Download the flight plan and then load the plan into MSFS

Some screenshots from todays event