Cessna 172 Trim Wheel Extremely Slow

Does anyone else have trouble with the trim wheel moving slow when using a mouse wheel for the input? I recently designed and built a trim wheel that uses a mouse wheel for the input. It works fine on all other programs, but when I go into the sim it moves very slowly. I have also tried creating a macro that will speed it up. The macro worked in other games and software but not in the sim. It is slow on every mouse I have tried, so I don’t think it has to do with the specific mouse I am using. When I set the trim to move with my Saitek yoke it moves much faster. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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You can click and drag it to get MUCH faster results, or set a controller binding. I have the second hat on my X52 set to elevator trim on the vertical, and heading bug on the horizontal. Be aware that using a control binding will get you slow results for about a second, then it will take off.

This is what I am currently doing until I can get the trim wheel I built to move faster in the sim. In the controls you can map the mouse wheel to trim up and trim down, however, this will make it move very slow. I am trying to find a way to speed it up, either through FSUIPC, Mouse Macros, or something else.

EDIT: Thanks for the quick reply though!

I actually meant to say Elevator above (now fixed).

I am going to try creating a macro that will simulate button presses instead of the mouse wheel. This should work. If it does work I will post the script for the macro for anyone else with this issue.