Cessna 208 and 172

Taxi speed very fast on these GA aircraft even when throttle below minimum. Is this something that needs attention for a future patch??

When I put my throttle to 0 the plane will roll to a stop if ground is level. Not sure if this is a game issue or user , setup issue.

Yeah, when flying the 172 I also coast to a stop when at idle. I don’t think this is a game issue for you. The only plane I have flown that still rolls forward at idle power is the C208 grand caravan. But I believe this is because the user has to feather the prop using the prop rpm lever in order to prevent this from happening (it behaves like this in real life as well I believe).

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Never flown the C208 in real life, but have flown other turboprops. The reason the C208 is moving forward at idle power is because beta range is not modelled. At least not properly. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next patch.

Thanks to: Sir Dan Flyboy,Written Agenda93 and Folkish Zeus315. I have flown both in Xplane and FSX.

With the stock 208 in FSX I did get a fast taxi even at idle and rolling back the prop setting. With the 172 I got expected speeds with throttle position.

In Xplane speeds were as expected with the amount of throttle introduced. with both aircraft.

Thanks to all for your ideas

Turboprop simulation is even worse in FSX/P3D. So bad turboprops are not even flyable primarily due to the extremely slow torque response. They need to fix the turboprop logic in FS2020 and implement beta range properly.

In XP, turboprop simulation is quite good for the most part, except beta range implementation.

The 208 in Xplane was a Caranado model and taxi speeds were as expected.

Yes, but Carenado is not known for making the most realistic airplanes even though their slightly better in XP than P3D. I’m excited to see what’s in the next patch coming this month. MS/Asobo told us last week that the upcoming patch will improve the turboprop simulation.

This doesn’t make sense. At idle you are not in beta, hence the 208 is correctly moving forward, in FSX, in MSFS and IRL

IMO it’s exactly the opposite. In which way are turboprops betters simulated in MSFS than in FSX/P3D?

Glad to hear that a fix is on the way.

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@PZL104: I see now that the post you are referring to is completely stupid. You are perfectly right, you are not in beta at idle, but the prop is producing forward power, hence the problem with high taxi speed. With a properly modelled beta range, you can control taxi speed using beta range, just like in real life. This is not properly modelled in FS2020, XP or FSX/P3D. Majestic does this perfectly with their Q400, but that’s using external simulation outside the sim.

The extreme torque lag (which we had in FSX/P3D) has been improved in FS2020. Now it’s flyable, but still needs improvements in this area along with several other areas of the turboprop logic. There are numerous posts about this here on this forum, so I’m happy asobo have decided to improve this.

That’s strange. Comparing e.g. the Carenado FSX/P3D PC12 (with the improved FDE) I see a ~50% faster torque response than in any MSFS turboprop.
Not near my PC, but the last time I’ve checked the MSFS 208, the idle to max time was almost 10sec.

Haven’t flown FS2020 for a week and a half now, as I’m waiting for the next patch to come out and fix some major issues, so I need to check this again later. But this was one of the things I noticed when I first tried the Caravan and the 350. In P3D v4, there was a “tweak” to improve the spool up time for turboprops including a more realistic startup if I remember correctly, but no developer seemed to use it. Haven’t tried the Carenado PC12 as I’m not a big fan of Carenado. I remember the 350 in FSX/P3D was awful to fly.

Anyways, let’s hope we’re up for a positive surprise after the next patch regarding turboprops :slight_smile:

E.g. Carenado did use the improved P3D capabilities for startup/spoolup.
No ‘tweak’ necessary. Devs just had to use the added aircraft.cfg functionality.