Cessna 208 Gauges Instead of Glass Cockpit

Couldn’t agree more, and that Caravan image at the top looks like a dream for dial tappers.
My only worry is that the devs haven’t yet made basic instrumentation work properly, (heading bug adjuster anyone?). So any new steam gauge versions might be a long time coming if we want them to be fully functional.

As for the whys of all the glass cockpits when most real GA aircraft lack them, surely it is purely to make the devs life easier. You only have to add code in the model for 1 or 2 instrument + a MFD rather than 10 or 15 individual dials, and their knobs + GPS, Transponder, AP etc. Also, you can hide missing functionality in a menu by not including it, where having functions labelled as INOP are just a bit embarrasing.