Cessna caravan beacon ligth

Beacon and landing buttons do not move on cessna grand caravan.

You’ll have to be a bit more specific. I can control these via sim connect so not sure what your issue may be without more info.

Sorry Sling380, I can’t be more specific than that, the switch for the beacon and landing lights do not move at all.
Taxi, nav and strobes move up and down, that is it.

By using the mouse in the virtual cockpit, sim connect events. What specifically? Why is this in the SDK section?

For the record both of these forms of control work for me.

What is the meaning of SDK?

Moved thread to General discussion.

SDK = software development kit.

You posted your issue in the SDK section and it suggested your query was SDK related. It seems not.

Anyhow if the switches don’t move when you click them with the mouse then that seems like an issue local to you. Mine work fine.

Do you have them mapped to a controller by chance? If you do, you have to manipulate them via the control. You won’t be able to click them.

They are just switches. You can control them either externally or with the mouse…

Check that. Whenever I map a switch on the Bravo I cannot manipulate it in the airplane.

Checked and verified. You must not be using the correct bindings or perhaps it’s a weirdness with the Honeycomb stuff. I do remember there being some issue with continually sending the event or something like that. If that’s happening then it will override any virtual cockpit actions. Like I said working fine here with non Honeycomb hardware.