Cessna Citation Longitude bouncing

Anyone else’s Cessna Citation Longitude bouncing around in the air whilst on A/P?


Yes maybe the last patch broke it, un flyable.

I wouldn’t say it’s unflyable but it’s certainly annoying and tampers with the experience.

It’s not great flying it on AP. Mine was dolphining so bad that I couldn’t click on any of the controls. Possible to fly, yes. But not much point really as the immersion is gone.

The known issue with FLC is also a pain. I might come back to this plane after the next patch.

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The way I got around it with controls was to go to the autopilot panel view in order to alter altitude, speed etc. I think I’ll wait until the patch as well to be fair.

Came here looking for this. Reached the top of my climb at FL350, And the jet started bouncing around all over the place. I turned off altitude hold and it immediatly stopped. turn ALT back on again and it remained level… Super weird! Its already in the known issues list though - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/29/2020)

So Workaround might be - Turn off Altitude hold and back on again.

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The old Dolphin Dance is back :frowning:

Thank you, I’ll try this when I next fly with the aircraft :smiley:

Make sure you guys all go to this topic in the bug/issues section and “VOTE” at the top of the thread. They are addressing items by how many votes they have and we need to get this higher on the list.

An aircraft that belongs in the circus! :laughing: The AP is just plain awful as it violently pitches the nose up and down so fast in mid air. An aircraft that’ll make every passenger, including the pilots sick. It is highly unstable and far from perfect, hopefully the team will take this up (excuse the pun) whenever they’re ready to make updated patches.

I flew the Longitude by hand up to FL250 and switched AP in perfect trim condition - no oscillation at all.
Looks like the trim reaction is too slow or to strong and that´s what causing this. Happened with some FS9 and some FSX planes back then. As soon as we get a good aircraft cfg editor, it can be fixed.

Yes, I get it to in manual flights like the elevator is attached to the yoke via a spring.
I have submitted tickets to Asobo regarding this and I am start to get impatient, the sole reason I got the premium deluxe version was for the Longitude, and so far it has been unusable. It would have been better for them not to include it at this stage and add it in once complete. I’d even have been happy for it to be a payware addon from Asobo, as I’ve essentially paid for it anyway through premium deluxe.

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I know I’m late but it saves creating a new thread for the same issue. I have the same problem, except this time all I’m trying to do is descend into an airport. The video speaks for itself… https://youtu.be/mAIskyZadoE

Looks the same for me, I am having the Dolphins Jumps as well. It looks , the last update created it. Lets hope, the next patch in two days will fix it.

I tried today for the first time the Cessna Citation Longitude and it is absurd how unstable it is, it seems to fly in a storm even with clear skies and without wind, with autopilot that without, I hope for a quick fix because it is TERRIBLE to fly, at every landing has a 70% chance of crash.
The feedback it gives is like that of an F-104 near stall speed … pants at risk … XD

Hello, i experience the same thing did you find any solution?
From lift off to touch down it behaves like there is a huge storm around (clear sky)…

I suggest the Longitude MOD, it makes really fun to fly with:
Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.83a • Microsoft Flight Simulator