Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification Project

Introducing a new forum topic specifically for my Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification project. There have been a number of discussions in several forums on this topic that have taken over the recent chatter. It makes sense to create a forum for this specific topic. We can use this forum to discuss the mod or discuss support related questions (I don’t provide any guarantee of support, but I’m happy to answer questions the best I can). I will also use this forum to post about updates to the package or to discuss feedback and questions about how to continue improvements to the mod.


What are the major fixes this aircraft still needs? just out of curiosity. Thanks for your work DakFly

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You’re welcome.

Good question.

Here are some items that I’m still working on or are suggestions / requests from community. I’m at the point where my modifications will need input from an IRL Longitude pilot or two to provide guidance:

-Auto-ground spoilers set to Norm by default (instead of disarm)

-Disable or modify gear warning indicator when not appropriate

-FLC MACH bug/issue (avionics issue)

-Engine performance revisions and refinements
-N1 / N2 values during various flight phases
-Fuel burn accuracy during different phases of flight

-Rudder and yaw-induced-roll performance

-Flaps lift and drag performance - need real world values or feedback

-A/P max thrust authothrottle % limit - investigate why this isn’t working as expected

-Test flights to explore VSpeeds and possibly tweak to get closer to real world as needed

-Flight envelope limits and behavior at high speed / low speed stall

-Handling feel (pitch, roll, yaw) feedback.


Don’t forget the fuel capacity - much larger IRL.


that’s seriously one of the best mod out there.
when paired with Working title’s G3000 changes that plane is now of of the best

If only Asobo could make those tweaks stock


Asobo update is in and I don’t see any change to weight and fuel loads. Hopefully they’ve at least corrected the autopilot issues at altitude for those that don’t want to use my mod. I’ll verify what steps need to be taken to restore my mod for those that want to continue using it as the Asobo update did Overwrite the official files for the Longitude.

Your mod no longer works for me. mfs forces me to uptade the longitude…

That’s expected. I will need to evaluate best way to reinstall and post an update or instructions. Maybe try reinstalling the package as previously instructed. That may work.

Autopilot bank oscillation is fixed. :+1:


Glad to hear Asobo at least got that part fixed. Seems they still didn’t address the weight and fuel loading issues.

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Very frustrating. Would be nice to see the full interior modelled and the icing issues fixed also.

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Update V1.22 is now available at flightsim.to. This version should restore compatibility with newest Asobo update. Prior version(s) will not work after the update. Please comment here or at flightsim.to any installation or compatibility issues.


What icing issues are you referencing? Is that something I should look at for my modifications project? What is the behavior (or lack of) that you’re seeing?

The de-ice system doesn’t remove icing (at least the visual indication). Not sure if it removes it “aerodynamically”. Would be cool if you could fix it! :slightly_smiling_face:

To clarify - if I have wing and engine anti-ice set to on and I encounter icing which builds up visually on the aircraft model, the anti-ice system doesn’t remove it.

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I haven’t been able to try your mod yet. Did you change the fuel gauge in the G5000 to read in pounds instead of gallons?

I’m not focused on avionics and panels. Focused on performance, flight controls, weights, underlying systems, etc… For now anyway. But I will add that to the wish list.

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Anti-icing doesn’t remove ice everywhere. Only on the vital surfaces like the leading edge and the engines. That appears to be working correctly. Unless you have evidence to the contrary, I don’t think there is anything to “fix”


Hi @Dakfly0219

many thanks for your efforts on this mod :+1:t2:

Did a first flight with the Longitude. The “Landing Gear” aural warning in idle thrust also appears with auto-throttle engaged.

I’m not sure if the warning applies to the Longitude at all, but in no case it should appear when auto-throttle is engaged and commands for an idle descend using FLC or VS with reduced speed set.

Is that something you could look into?



I’ve looked at this a little and have not found a way to shut this off in the .cfg files that I’m working in, but I haven’t exhausted all options yet.

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Do you think you can do a lite version of your mod fixing only the fuel consumption?

The reason is becos i’m actually happy with the latest flight model of the longitude done by asobo in the latest patch but would like to fix the fuel consumption