Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification Project

This will be great if there is a separate mod for current OnAir validating figures.

However, under current 860gal tanks, OnAir user is considering using this beautiful a/c would carry the pax in longer distance as IRL, is there a chance to reduce [Fuel Flow] to 60%, at least in High FL?

I’ve PM you the capacity edits for your ref. if that separte-OA-mod will include the Fuel Flow tweat and pass the validation too, that will be perfect for some months forward.

in short, if there is cgf-editing of solution on Fuel Flow, perhaps I could test it first here before you package things up?

I would love to see this available in OnAir. I’ve been flying the TBM there but would like to switch to the Longitude. Thanks for a great mod!

I’m interested to see if Asobo will address some of the basic Longitude weight and loading and performance issues in their upcoming update. That might address the OnAir issues for both users who prefer the default Longitude and those who will prefer to continue using my mod without having to create a separate version of my mod specific to OnAir. That Asobo update is coming, supposedly, on the 22nd of this month. So let’s wait and see what happens. If they don’t, I’ll publish an OnAir specific version

I thought I saw in one of the recent dev updates that the Longitude overhaul was coming in February.

Well, in that case… I’ll include an OnAir version in my next mod update

I take it back. Just checked again and saw this:

#06547 votes | Cessna Citation Longitude Performance Issues | Started | Sim Update 2

Sorry for the original misinfo

Okay that confirms what I’d seen recently. I’ll wait and see what they deliver in next update.

For version 1.4 of the mod, I’ve flown it almost 6000 miles, for almost 12 hours over the course of two flights at FL450. Both flights had very similar (if not the same) fuel efficiency (see Bangkok and Darwin below)…

All the prior flight segments used v1.3 or older.

For those that are curious, here’s what I’m currently doing with the Longitude (with both @Dakfly0219’s mod and Working Title’s GX000 mod…

My “Seven Continents of Flight” tour:

I’m planning my next release for Longitude mod, which will likely follow Asobo’s update tomorrow and include updates to allow the mod to (hopefully) keep working for those who want to keep using it versus whatever Asobo comes up with in their performance fixes.

After that I’ll continue doing some tweaks here and there for further refinements with community input.

I’ve also been playing around with the config files for Longitude to give it the proper weights, engine parameters, performance, etc… as the Citation X+. The avionics suite is basically the same and the two aircraft are quite similar in a number of other respects. Wondering how much interest there would be in having a Citation X+ performance utilizing the Longitude visual modeling. Drop me a line and let me know.


IMHO I dont see a problem, IF you can create a complete, separate plane/ it would not override the Longitude

I would probably be content with using the mod with the real world Longitude specs. I don’t think I would be interested in a Citation X version. but if you want to release one I have no issue with that.

That’s the trick. I don’t want to override the longitude specs, default or modded. Maybe possible as a specific livery item.

Please make it as a separate livery. This is enriching the catalogue and compare the efforts which Cessna had done on upgrading the jets.

Now I shall stay in your mod for Longitude, no matter how Asobo is doing this week. Until very end they made a matured vanilla Longitude.

And I will pair your mod with OnAir Medeavc tasks according to any fuel / station_payload fix later.
So for me still not interested in the X+ with similar cockpit experience. Anyhow , thanks for your state-of-the-art work on this C700!!


I would like to see a Citation X+, but not at the expense of the Longitude. A totally separate aircraft for the X+ would be great!


Will today’s update mess with your mod? I want to try it out because the longitude is my favorite aircraft in the game.

Nvm just saw your comment. Will download after you update

They seemed to have fixed a lot of things

  • Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed incorrect fuel tank capacity
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: tweaked thrust settings
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed aircraft empty weight and center lift
    Tweaked fuel flow and ITT for Cessna Citation CJ4 and Longitude

I’m downloading the update now and will get the new version of the Longitude after the download is done

Downloading Asobo update now. I will review the new default Longitude and, as soon as I’m ready, upload a patch to allow my mod to work with the newest update. Hopefully some of the improvements Asobo have made will be complementary to my mod.


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