Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification Project

What does this have to do with the mod for the Longitude?


Greetings @Dakfly0219!
Can we expect your newest Longitude update (announced 10 days ago- post 1.90a) before SU7 release on Nov 18th?
Just hoping, cause you ( and WT group) make it so very enjoyable to fly the Longitude :pray:
best regards

Well, if the next sim update is just around the corner, it makes more sense to wait until the “dust has settled”.


anybody tested it with SU7 ?

is the temp bug over FL440 impacting the Longitude a lot?

(wont be able to test for the next 8 hours)

Patience grasshopper. Most people probably don’t even have SU7 yet.

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I enrolled in the beta. I didn’t spend much time testing my mod files, but it didn’t seem to have any outright failures or problems. Hopefully that holds with the official SU7 release.

Anybody having trackIR issues? Per the device lights (2 green) TrackIR is working and connected but in sim in the cockpit camera section, It’s toggled off and won’t toggle on. I click on it and it switches but for a split second, then back to off.

believe it is a known issue with the latest update - says “TrackIR may sometimes stop working properly during a flight. Press F12 to reset the position.”

After the update the Reverse Throttle button isn’t working for me any more. I assigned it to a button of my Saitek Rhino Throttle in August or September 2020. Worked flawlessly ever since in both the stock Longitude and the Mod until yesterday. I also checked simvar key event K:Throttle_Reverse_Thrust_Toggle - doesn’t work either. Anybody any idea?

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I’m in the middle of updating and one of the release notes, way down at the bottom, under known issues, says “TrackIR may sometimes stop working during a flight”…

I had a look at the changes in SU7 and there are zero updates to the Longitude itself, so we don’t need to change anything for compatibility. You can keep using my version of the WT G3000 mod without issues.


Cessna Citation Longitude

Corrected an issue which caused push buttons for lights not to change state when toggled using a key

Fixed ITT alarm is ringing and caution message is displayed on PFD while ITT graph and numbers are green on PFD

Fixed aural warning related to parking brake cannot be silenced without disengaging the brake

Your mod and @Dakfly0219 mod seems to be working fine though! We need to stay at FL440 until they fix the temp spikes above FL440…

I had noticed it stopped working, the hard way. Rather annoying.

What mod are you talking about?

WT G3000 mod!

I found a thread about it. Reverse thrust broken
It seems to affect all aircraft models with jet engines. A workaround was suggested: Assign the button to “Throttle decrease” instead. When the throttle lever is at zero position, pressing and holding the button will bring the engines into reverse thrust. Moving the lever slightly forward would get back to forward thrust. Until they fix it better than nothing.

It’s been established a very long time ago that the WT3000 mod and the longitude mod can’t conflict. I don’t know why this is surprising to you.

I was merely pointing out that the Asobo version had been altered as @Nezz1731 said it hadn’t been, I was just confirming there was no conflict!

I will look into that

The changes they did were not to the Longitude itself, but the general cockpit logic that the Longitude also uses. In SU6 they updated the Longitude as well which made us scramble to get the plane fixed.