Cessna Citation Longitude manual

Anyone have the manual for Cessna Citation Longitude? I am interested in dimension of the cockpit, placement etc. for a home build.

Alternative, is it possiple to extract the cockpit images and placement of instruments directly from aircraft folders?



The cockpit width interior sidewall to sidewall across the pilot’s seats is 73".

I have inquired with Cessna directly but as of yet, have not heard anything back. I’ll follow this thread and if I do get any info, I’ll be sure to post it.
I would be shocked if I do, I doubt they’re excited to give out design information. The cabin dimensions are shown in the brochure, as are the FMS screen sizes. One could use those to approximate the rest using the 3d model of the interior.

Thanks so much.

I have also written to Cessna a while back, No answer.

I have gotten the screens for the GARMIN G5000 3x14 inch and 4x9inch. Problem is GARMIN G5000 comes in either 12 or 14 inch.

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I have written Cessna and they never replied after the 1st e-mail I got from them. I know an instructor that teaches in the Longitude. I was at training for recurrent last week in another airplane and I tried to get one. Nope. I think we have a better chance of getting gold out of Fort Knox.

Also, thank you.

I just have to do reverse engineering based on images, but it might be difficult for some of the curved parts of the glass cockpit.

I seen that in the sdk there is a tool to modify plane layout, so i might have a look at that.

Since i know the size of the 7 screens, i can use that as a reference.

Right now i have a broken collarbone so i can’t really check it out due to pain in upper shoulder.

To make the build ready for moving platform i am building the frames using styrofoam stregthen with fiberglass. Never tried it out, but I will post the progress on youtube when i get started. I have everything ordered but have to be in bed for a while :cry:.

From the info I did manage to find, the big screens are 12" ones. the little ones are 5.1" I’ll try to dig through my material tomorrow to find the sources on that.

I saw GARMIN G5000 comes in a upgrade version using 14 inch, which i Will use. The question would be, which one is used in FS2020?

The smaller touchscreens i wrote 9 inch, but I meant to say 7 inch which i read is the GARMIN G5000 size. I tested them using Raspberry PI4 (Linux) and I was able to “move” the panel over the network to the external screens. The touch does work, so a cool way to save on HDMI ports.

The 3 main screens are all 14". Not sure about the touch controllers. I could possibly measure them next week. But if you want to do some digging online, they are model GTC 575 and part number: 011-03759-01

That would be great if you could do some messurement. Im not in a hurry. I am going to input All the data into fusion 360, do some screenshots and see if you Thinks it adds up.

Seems you have access to the real thing, then i was wondering how the longitude have changed messurement wise over the years - is the placement still the same and what year model do you think FS2020 use?

Another question or two, is the following moterized - Throttle, Trim or control column?
Is there any warning shake on the yoke?

PFD’s and the MFD are 14" x 9.7" and the 4 each GTC’s are 4.9" x 7.5" (Bezel measurement).
I’m not going to give much other info or details on the Cockpit that are not available online.
The 680+, 750+, 680A, and 700 have G5k, the 680A and 700 have the same Cockpit dimensions but with different Pedestal equipment. My team at Cessna is responsible for the Model 700, ground testing, flight testing, AW and customer delivery so I have the 700’s in my Hanger.
To help answer a question from aab163, the one you see in MSFS is the 700 Prototype Unit.
A few of the changes from the current production units are we do not have HUD yet, we replaced the Ground Spoiler Switch with a Fuel Recirculation Switch, we don’t use the Goodrich Crew Seats anymore, we have a new Supplier for those now. The HSI is all wrong in the Sim, the Heading is on the bottom of the display and not the baro on top. There are several other issues with what is displayed in MSFS 700 Cockpit, the Control Lock is engaged and the Pitch/Roll Disconnect should be in Normal.
Also not that it matters, both CB Panel layout are nowhere accurate to the actual production units.
One the actual Unit if the Control Lock is engaged it locks out the LH Throttle, the Pitch/Roll is for emergency use if you were to have a flight control issue, this will allow you to still have some form of reduced pitch and roll control.

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Throttle by Wire to the FADEC with AT capability, Trim is all by Wire, we have Stall Warning Stick Shakers on the back of each Column.

Thanks for the detailed information. Funny you mentioned the HUD, as I understand the HUD, is not working int the MSFS, could have been Nice. I already thought about how to create the HUD by splitting a LCD monitor. I thought by using a 12" monitor and make a plexiglass rounded frame.

As you mentioned there is some differences between the MSFS 700 and the real world, but I can’t really do anything about that. I can place the components as the real world, that’s it.