Cessna Citation Longitude

I’m enjoying this plane more than I thought I would. I think the planes I thought id like, didn’t really hit the spot as I thought they would, but the ones I didn’t think id enjoy, I do. (Longitude and TBM)



Does anyone know if this bird has Auto-throttle? Or is the SPD button just for pilot info?

AT is enabled in a button in the throttle quadrant.


Auto throttle is located on the backside of the throttles in the little tubes. You can also map the button. For it to work, as far as I cant tell right now, you need to rotate the speed switch on the autopilot panel from FMS to MAN and adjust your speed accordingly with the dial. You can see the blue index on the speed indicator on the G5000.

Hope this helps.


Yep, that’s how I did it.

I agree. I’m enjoying this much more than the airliners.


The Longitude would be my absolute favorite if the flip-down HUD worked (like in the 787), and if it didn’t have 1/4 of the range that it’s supposed to. They really dropped the ball with this PREMIUM aircraft.


It has some serious flaws currently, but it’s definitely a beauty. Once the fuel consumption and CG issues are fixed I’ll probably be flying this the most. Unfortunately right now I can barely manage a 1h30m flight with full fuel.


Yup, the HUD is a super cool feature most aircraft don’t have. This plane has it right in your face but sadly it’s (inop). Hopefully added in a patch?


SkinnerSearl or anyone,
Autothrottle click spot and SPD button
Hello a little help please, , I can see the click spot for the Autothrottle behind the thrust levers but clicking on it has no effect, the tooltip which reads " disengage autothrottlee" when i hover over it but clicking anywhere near/around it has no effect. i would like to map a button to it , I have a Saitek Joystick and Thrustmaster Hotas warthog dual throttles, any recommendation on which button to map to and which menu selection in the options to map to it?

if you purchase the standard version how much is it to add the longitude from the store, anyone know?

I believe you need Premium Deluxe for the longitude which is £70.99. Heres the full list of upgrade prices shown to me in the Win Store.

Deluxe Upgrade: £66.99
Premium Deluxe Upgrade: £70.99
Premium Upgrade: £83.49

i was under the impression you could buy standard, and just purchase individual planes from the upgraded versions.

I haven’t seen the ability to only purchase certain aspects. I think it’s only the bundle itself sadly.

I’m also enjoying the longitude, but I cannot for the life of me capture the glideslope on an ILS approach. I go into the procedures page of the FMS, and it’s all in (and displayed properly on the GPS), and I click the activate button, but the pink diamonds never show up. Am I doing something wrong or is the plane bugged?

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if you’re programming in an ILS freq in the left FMS, on the approach you need to change from GPS to NAV1/LOC1 navigation on the left FMS. This will aloow you to used the APPR autopilot.

I personally program the ILS freq in in the decent and activate the NAV1 box on the bottom left of the G5000 so I can see when I pickup the ILS signal. Hope that makes sense.

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Gotcha. That was definitely my problem, thanks. I had it set to “FMS”, assuming the FMS would handle it, but apparently not

Anyone else noted that Mach speed function is completely broken? It functions the same at knot mode. I wish they fix it so you can set it
like 0.8 and it actually holds it through a climb/decent. Also the overspeed on garmin isn’t correct. Plane is rated max Mach 0.84 and garmin shows red from roughly 0.7. All this reported to zendesk, you guys remember to report too!


Nevermind. Changing to NAV1 did nothing.

Flew Hilo to Honolulu, ATC routed me in via a STAR into ILS 4R (worked okay except for the annoying bug where it makes you go back to the last waypoint you passed when you active it), and I switched the autopilot from FMS to NAV1 about 10 nm out. Indicators showed up on the left of the artificial horizon, but not the bottom, and no pink diamond appeared. The PFD did not indicate that I was picking up the ILS. I flew it in visually.

And yeah, I’ve also noticed the mach speed function doesn’t work


Sort of strange the checklist was not finished on this plane as well. Fun to fly tho…