Cessna Citation Longitude

A group flight sounds fun @CAPTAINAS007. Flight has to be a Saturday/Sunday for me. If you pick a time&server make sure you tell us i.e. Eastern/Pacific time. I’d get lost planning Zulu time.

Very informative story. The Longitude sounds like a lot more fun IRL.
I picked up a few interesting features that I previously misunderstood or have not tried.

  1. APU is used for more than starting the engines. The review sounds like they left it on. I will leave it on.
  2. I will enable Auto throttle in conjunction with TO/GA to Take off. I hope the TO button is functioning. I have been performing take-off manually then pressed Auto throttle in flight. One time I turned on Auto throttle while taxing, it went full forward. Speed default was 100 something.
  3. Try GA button for missed approach. GA (go around) should retract the gear and flaps and increase to take-off power automatically.


I’m busy the next two weekends, but we can shoot for the weekends of May 1-2, or May 8-9.

As for flights, do we avoid large airports which some may have performance problems for some, or also include them?

I’m also thinking of keeping the flights short. Maybe have each leg should be around 20-30 minutes. If we go with 20 minutes legs, we can do about six take offs and landing.

Between legs we just chat about flying the Longitude and question/answers participants may have. Such thing as approaches, tips, usage of different instruments, etc.

It will be at everyone’s discretion if they want to do ILS, RNAV or Visual approaches. I will ensure we pick airports with decent length runways and that include ILS and RNAV approaches.

I’m thinking maybe flying around the east for west coast of USA, but leaning to the east coast since we may get better performance since it’s not as crowded as the west coast. Many more town and more stressing on resources.

I think flying in the USA we have a better choice of airports in close proximity so planning would be much easier.

For those that would like to participate, what to do think of the proposed plan? Do you have any recommendations or suggestions of where we should fly?

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Fly in Wichita area where we build the 700? The 700 is built at KBEC flown to KICT, once there that is where we take it through paint, interiors, ground and flight testing and then AW and delivery.


I wish there were sceneries for these airports.

I use the one from PC Aviator, it isn’t all that but better than the default.

Sounds good @CAPTAINAS007

I usually go to “Executive” airports because of the “idea” of flying an executive aircraft. Exceptions are Denver and Phoenix, maybe a couple others. For frame rates, lower traffic areas would be good. I like the Wichita idea from @TXTAVDan

I have not had a reliable glide slope with RNAV. But I may just always be above the glide slope. I target the waypoints and altitudes or choose ILS airports.

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For our first group flight, should we mostly concentrate on only using a few close airports and just share knowledge of flight characteristics, instrument usage, RNAV, and any technical questions, or should we just fly to various airports.

I like the idea of departing from KBEC, the birth place of the Longitudes.

Just flew the Longitude with the latest WT 0.6.1 mod and Dakfly’s mod, and wow, this plane has come a long way in the last 4-5 months. Many thanks to Dakfly for continuing to improve the flight dynamics mod. If you have a hi-res VR headset and a Navigraph account, the new charts feature in the WT suite is a game-changer. No more fumbling about outside the headset for frequencies, courses, fixes or altitude constraints. Everything is pretty darn smooth. And clear.

Question for real-world Longitude pilots: how are the default sounds? Did Asobo get any samples from Textron? Or do the default sounds need serious improvement? If so, is it possible to record and implement sounds from the real aircraft? Would be next-level stuff if possible.



will Asobo take notes of that video for performance tuning?
The stock Longitude is in dire need of tweaking


Small HSI/Barometer glass cockpit display located above central MFD. Can someone point me to the brightness/Dim control for it? Thank you.

Make the WT team aware, via discord think is better

I’m not sure they care honestly. This was a premium aircraft that costs double the asking value of the sim. They have made some token adjustments however without Darkfly this aircraft would be complete garbage. Any changes in the future will probably only be small not viable changes. The aircraft does not even have a internal passenger cabin or working doors. Even small things like adding the auto pilot speed indicator light seems not worth fixing.

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Thanks for the update Dakfly0219. If you are having trouble loading your Cessna Citation Longitude and you are using Dakfly’s mod. Then it’s time to update.

sad but so true… they just don’t care and every sim update prove that the game honnest name is “TBM 930 simulator” …!!

It does not stop me from reopening my Zendesk tickets every time a patch is released. I mean that is all I can really do.

FMS is getting stuck on flight plan after inputting departure and arrival airports. The screen won’t go back or to the home screen. I can click home in the coms page but then takes me back to flight plan.

do you have the latest G3000 version?

Since downloading 7.1 the flight plan does not show altitude at waypoints anymore.

I believe the latest version for the WT G3000 is v0.7.2.

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