Cessna Citation Longitude

Maybe my findings might help… Possible workaround for the "dolphin dance (pitch oscillations)" issue (Longitude, help test other GA)

Not really even a workaround in my opinion. Your way is “don’t fly even close the way you’re supposed to.”


One thing that although not specific to the Citation perhaps, but still worth mentioning, is the fact that unless you set your physical throttle controller to exactly the right position at idle, you can not start the engine. IRL there is a clear IDLE alignment mark on the throttle levers, as seen in Ahmads photos a few posts up. This may only affect some controllers, but on the TM Warthog, the idle position is well into the Reverse thrust Zone, and the engines will not start unless you make sure they are forward of it.

Also - mentioned way up at the start of the thread, but worth restating. Why on earth is the Mixture Axis (and possibly prop pitch), affecting Jets that have no Mixture control? Turning off the engines if I accidentally touch the mixture axis it is not a desirable outcome, especially given the fiddly nature of engine starting given the idle detent issue.

I wouldn’t agree on that @Persojet. The only limitation is your maximum flight level. At FL340 you can cruise without any issues AP and NAV on at Textrons recommended cruising speed of 476kts TAS …

You said “even close” what do you you mean by that in detail? The climbrate of 2.500 fpm can be found in the PMI and on the internet. I agree that you currently face overpowered fans and the fact that you need more speed to keep you up in the air. :slight_smile:

I am curious why these 2 things are the only acknowledged bugs with the Longitude…

How about all the issues with fuel and such? It’s such an obvious thing! Come on Asobo wake up please…
Guess more zendesk reports are needed :confused:


Well everyone, it looks like our beloved Longitude has been relegated to “backlog” status. And without any way to mod this thing, we’re probably gonna be waiting a long while. While I appreciate the transparency of this dev team in the latest update, it’s clear that customers of the Premium Deluxe package have been given the Premium Deluxe shaft.

In the meantime, go check out the amazing Working Title CJ4 mod:


Now THAT thing is becoming a biz jet worth flying.


I don’t even know what to type anymore…
Really odd how they handle this. They are treating this plane as ‘fixed’ since update 2, more or less.

The only possible explanation I have is that somebody really messed up and they are testing with a build that has correct fuel etc… Or this is all just some cruel experiment to see how far they can push the customer before somebody snaps…

Or they can’t fix the problem(with the fuel), and then they’d better pretend the problem doesn’t exist… :disappointed_relieved:

Since the Longitude is on backlog, I have requesting unlocking the .cfg files from the .fsarchive DRM. Please vote for this wishlist item.


My guess would be that they wait until the plane model is done. I haven’t checked every plane in the game yet, but so far the Cessna Longtitude has been the only one without an interior design which is done by the plane manufacturer itself (Cessna) - if i remember correctly from some inteviews.

At this point its the only explanation that would make sense to me.

It is very sad, that they “backlog” this Premium deluxe content - Aircraft. We all pay extra for this beauty and its sad, that they aren´t able to work on it.
As I said again, it is a work of minutes to change the fuel capacity. Shure there are a lots of more bugs and issues which need more and complex work, but it would be a nice start in the right direction!

The other thing I fear is, that there are still major license-issues with Textron or Garmin that they simply aren´t allowed yet to make things look or work like real.

Here I demand a good and transparency explanation why they simply don´t work on It!
It is a flight simulator (or it should be one) and the first prority should belong the the PLANES and not to a beautyful looking Japan scenery or equal stuff…
I´m shure that everybody of you real simmers could wait for it longer than for a working plane!

that is my mind!


took me a while to figure that one out :slight_smile:

Just to curb expectations:

  • don’t expect the Longitude to see any fixes
  • don’t expect the Autopilot to not bounce after this update

You’ll thank me later - happy landings

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Whilst I wait for todays update to reach Blighty, I noted that the vertical oscillation in AP seems due to the trim control hunting an imaginary figure. To stop the oscillation I hold down the trim button on my stick. You can see the effect immediately. The trim graphic becomes stationary!

Its the only way to stop the oscillation. Surely Asobo could fix this one?

This has to be one of the most beautiful jets, but its spoiled by lack of attention and love from Asobo!

I bet if they unencrypted it, our community modders would fix it in a jiffy? :wink:

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If they unencrypted it working-title would probably be all over it - he turned the CJ4 into a treat as well


Couldn’t test if the pogo oscillation is fixed. Went up for a flight to test and sim crashed after I entered an on route waypoint!

A long way to go before this sim is correct. Such a lovely aircraft the Longitude and its poorly implemented!

See the fuel load is still only one third of what it should be. :thinking:

Oscillation is still there when using ALT Hold or VS but not in the extent as before. Clearly as its stated in the Patchnotes it was toned down. Fuel was not fixed. Again.

Something was odd. I played along with the Autothrottle. At Fl 320 i was flying at 512 TAS without a overspeedwarning. Did they changed something there?

I’ll give it a try shortly.
Why on earth did they encrypt this? Did they think it was so perfect that they didn’t want anyone altering it?

I want to see an approach which doesn’t turn you 180 ° or at least the ability to enter a WP without invoking a sim crash!

Just as unflyable as it was in 1.9.3. The pitch oscillation auto pilot problem is probably 50% reduced, but it’s still bad enough that I don’t want to sit in the cockpit while it’s doing that for hours on end. GG asobo.