Cessna Citation Longitude

I don’t have this problem. I have done numerous multi hour long distance flightsim in the Longitude with no trouble.

What other mods do you have installed? Maybe that’s the issue. Is it only on the longitude or are other aircraft doing the same thing?

Are you sure your engine generators are turned on? Both engine gens should be on as soon as your engines are running. In fact you should leave them on even with the engines off. They’ll come on with the engines. I think your batteries are getting dying because they’re not being recharged.

That’s true. The APU gen and both engine gens start in the off position. Also you should turn on the standby battery.

Use the checklist I published. That way, you won’t forget important steps like turning on the generators.


The Update to 1.3 is just amazing!
Now I have at long last a usable jet in MSFS!

Thank you so much, Dakfly!


Yes. If it wasn’t for this mod, I wouldn’t be on my “Seven Continents of Flight” world tour. :+1:


Newest version of the Cessna Longitude Flight Dynamics Improvements Project 1.40 is now available at flightsim.to. Thanks to all who commented and provided input and advice!


Nice work buddy. I am really enjoying this aircraft now.

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Try it with the WorkingTitle mod. You’re missing a lot. Thank me later.

@DiBarkis: To which WT mod are you referring?

I use @Dakfly0219’s mod (v1.3) with WT’s G1000/G3000/G5000 mod and am satisfied with this combo. Are you saying we should stay away from v1.4 when using also using this WT mod?

You should most definitely upgrade to V1.4 and continue using WT GX000 mod with it.

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I’m good with Dakfly’s mod. I still have not tried WT G1000/G3000/G5000

You really should asap

No I noticed he wasn’t using the WT mods, so I was encouraging him to combine them because Dakfly0912’s mod and the WorkingTitle g3000/5000 and G3X are a polygamous marriage made in Heaven. Trust me, I was there at their combined wedding ceremony.

They all work together very well. Get the version 0.32 of the 1000 and 3000. You’ll be glad you did. Also get the g3x

I just downloaded WT G3000 and will be trying it out soon. Along with the 1.4 update. And I’ll also check G3X.

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Yeah, I’ve been flying with v0.3.2 for a month now. I’ve logged a couple of issues with them, but there has been no triage or any acknowledgment of those issues from any of the developers.

I get it now. Wow! Thanks for the suggestions.

What mod is this g3x? Got the others but not sure what this one is all about. Thx

Show me a picture of your GTCs on your Longitude. Do they look like these? If so, then maybe WorkingTitle has merged the 2 mods (G3000+G3X or G1000+G3X). If not, then you need to download the WorkingTitle G3X.