Cessna Citation Longitude

Are you referring to the “Official” Textron Longitude checklist that someone posted here a while back and then removed it? Someone went out and bought one and posted it here. Anyway, I grabbed it while it was still available and I have created my own MSFS-specific checklist using it as a reference. My checklist is still a work-in-progress, but I plan on putting vspeeds, etc on it, eventually.

This is a link to my checklist, if anyone is interested.

Maaybe?! :wink:

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Is anyone having issues with AP swaying side to side trying to follow a course? I did a 2 hour flight the other day constantly having to adjust heading in heading mode since the banking left and right was actually making me nauseous. I am in the standard Longitude, no mods. Plane was flying perfectly fine in heading mode, but swaying like crazy in NAV mode.

I disconnected all my joysticks and even tried to set a huge dead zone just in case, but nothing seemed to fix it.

Am I missing a button? like a Yaw damper?

Nvm. found another forum post with the same issue. Seems like it was reintroduced in the last patch, I just don’t fly the longitude very often.

If you are not running the Longitude Dynamics mod, then that could be why.


Yeah, I am looking into that now, I just don’t like modding if I don’t have to.

I feel the same way as you. However, I’m currently flying the Longitude to all seven continents, in real time, using just about all real-world everything (weights, physics, weather, refueling, ETOPS) and if it wasn’t for that mod, I would not be flying that aircraft.

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Sorry, are the weight in pounds (lbs) ?
Thanks for your support

Having a bug where when at cruising altitude it sways left to right the whole flight. Not that its breaking the game but is kinda annoying to see the whole flight.

I ask for advice: when flying the Longitude I use the VNAV mode. By setting a new altitude and pressing FLC the aircraft always rises or falls by the same value: plus or minus 2500-3000 feet / m.
Is it possible to change this value? Or is a procedure ?

If im not wrong, vnav dont work so far in the Longitude

There is no implemented VNAV on the Longitude in MSFS. However, I believe you are referring to the rate of climb/descent when using FLC.

I usually am able to adjust it indirectly by changing my aircraft’s speed—but this defeats the purpose of FLC. FLC is used to change altitude while maintaining your aircraft’s speed.

I use FLC 90% of the time (especially in cruise). When in a STAR or approach, where altitude changes are required over shorter distances, I may use VS mode to rapidly get to the desired altitude. VS mode will use whatever aircraft speed is necessary to achieve the new altitude.

If you are not running the Longitude Dynamics mod, then that could be why.

Alight, ill try it out on my next flight!

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Yes I use @Dakfly0219 mod…very usefully.

Thanks all for suggestions.
My mistake: I took that FLC works with VNAV on.
No a big problem…I will use V/S if I need to fine tune vertical speed.

Installed the mod, the longitude is now a dream to fly, haven’t had a single issue yet. dakfly0219 needs to be paid my Microsoft, what a legend.


@Tayzokid, I saw you had/have issues installing the mod. Did you figure it out and get it updated?

Yea put the wrong file in the folder. All good now, this mod makes the longi soo much better.


A little help please!
What is the proper sequence of steps in the Cessna Longitude to Fly a “Missed Approach” when ATC instructs you to go around when one is on the final ?
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You do what the charts of that particular approach say and that particular airport.

In general GA is TAGO throttle to a given altitude (as in 3000 or 4000 AGL). Specifically there’s a heading out mentioned, specifically there is a whole procedure mentioned (to stay out of other traffics way), but in particular you TOGA, go the know heading, go the known altitude and ATC will contact you what to do next to get back to your IAF fix.