Cessna Citation Longitude

Glad they are having fun, here when it leaves the ground it starts to roll strangely, impossible to hold it, and when I bought the premium version, it was just thinking about these jets to make an executive aviation event at IVAO, and unfortunately it doesn’t behaves as it should.

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I’ve also been enjoying the Longitude so far, apart from the fuel issues, but I’m sure that’ll be fixed. It’s a shame the cabin isn’t modelled either, so hopefully that will get added too

As a workaround for the fuel problems you can use the unlimited fuel option from the assistance page.

Do you guys have problem with FLC? I cant configure it propoerly. Thanks!

How do you activate a new NAV1 Frequency? I can’t get it from Standby to Active. Bottom Left on the FMS says “Push”. But the Knob is not pushable.

I like this plane but it has some quarks the Hud not working…missed opportunity The Tail flood light does not work,I see no strobe lights…no cabin lights visible from the outside. a little disappointed for a premium plane

@TutoredDig86352 There’s an ARM button on the left side of the throttle whose tooltip changes to “Disengage Autothrottle” once you press it. I didn’t do much with it yet, though, because I couldn’t figure out how to change the desired speed down from 348 knots or wherever it was.

A-ha! I’m going to give this a try later. From memory, I don’t even know which switch that is, but if it’s there, I’ll likely find it.

@ojhwel It’s the dial under the speed selected screen on the autopilot panel. The knob rotates but also there is a two-position switch that can be moved from FMS to MAN. You just have to look at it the right way to move the switch.

yes set your altitude then on the throttles there is a button for arm (or assign a command) make sure the switch in in manual mode dial in the speed hit flc and it will keep that speed in the climb

having the exact same issue! Anyone know of a fix or is there another place to dial in NAV frequencies? You can set the stdby freq but you can’t activate it seemingly

@talon03echomike left FMS. In the top left corner there is a button for setting freqs that should allow you to see the NAV ones. Set them as you would the COMS freqs.

Anyone have an issue where the engines just completely lose power after a few hours? I have engine stress/damage turned off so its very confusing.

One of the times I checked and my fuel was at 0 (I was confused, but now I see that the range is bugged - ok fine lol) but when I just gave myself more fuel it did not fix itself.

Your engines turned off when you lost fuel. Hit CTRL + E and hopefully they will start before you stall.

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@talon03echomike The only thing that worked for me to switch to the new NAV1 setting… when you enter the new frequency, bottom right of the keypad is a “XFER” button. That will switch to the new freq.

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Yea I was able to do that fine, but I couldn’t figure out how to swap the freqs. A someone has pointed out though, there’s a xfer button on the freq select page that immediately makes it the active freq

I compared the MSFS Longitude specs with Cessna’s own (real-life) specs, after I planned to do a trans-atlantic crossing and had to ditch it about 90min into the flight.
In MSFS the max.fuel load is only 5762 lbs while it should be 14,511 lb according to Cessna. That would make sense, because empty weight (23,389 lb ) + max. payload at full fuel(1600 lb) = 24,989 lb.
Max T/O weight is 39,500 lb. So that leaves (39,500 - 24,989) = 14,511 lb .
Apart from the fuel flow (have not checked it yet), Asobo have to at least look at the max.fuel load.


@TutoredDig86352 did you figure out the auto throttle button? I mapped mine from the controls menu. If you search for auto throttle you should be able to find the applicable command.

Yes thank !!You Skinner seal, I mapped the “AutoThrottle ARM” in the Options/Control menu and bound it to button 6 on my Hotas Warthog Throttle controller
Before take off, I the manually changed the “SPD” button on the AP panel from “FMS” to “MAN” , set the speed to 250 knots. After take off I clicked the newly created button 6 and VOILA!! the aircraft settled at exactly that speed.
Best regards

@TutoredDig86352 Glad its working for you now. Safe flying!