Cessna Citation Longitude

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I changed the fonts, colors and arrangement. I’ll show you how if you’re interested, but that’ll be later. Gotta hit the sac. Been awake the whole night.

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I don´t know what I am doing wrong with the Longitude mod. I have tried to install the latest mod (to LocalCache/Packages/Official/OneStore) teo or three times. After that I just don´t have Longitude anymore in my selection of the aircrafts.

What the reason might be?? Anyone?

The only thing you put in LocalCache/Packages/Official/OneStore is the Layout.json file, and overwrite the existing one (back it up, of course). The main folder of the mod, you have to drop into LocalCache/Packages/Community

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Does someone know how to use the TOGA switch? I can use the auto-throttle but did not succeed in using the TOGA switch…It just does nothing when pressed.

That install folder string you reported looks incorrect for the layout.json file. The install location for the layout.json file (which will overwrite the Asobo default layout.json file) is:


Full instructions are included in the readme file packaged with the download file for the mod.

The TOGA button sets the flight director to the correct takeoff configuration. It does not do anything with the auto throttle system. Setting the auto throttle is on a separate button and it is optional. After you set TOGA, you can manually apply throttle and simply fly the flight director as you takeoff.

Turn on the flight director and press the TOGA button and you should see the vertical guidance move up

Yes you’re correct. I had that in mind but my fingers had a mind of their own. The keyboard was also complicit :smile:

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Ok. So, it is only an option for moving the FD on the Garmin screen?? Is it the standard way of working of this option in the Longitude? It does not work like that in Boeing jets for instance. And I’m a bit surprised by the fact that the button is located on the throttle lever if it has nothing to do with the throttle…

Unlike in the airliners, in GA aircraft (Bizjets included), the TOGA sets the flight director to the best pitch attitude you need to follow for a good takeoff. If you apply the Autopilot, it will also follow that pitch attitude. Differs in degrees depending on aircraft. Of course the same happens in the airliners (as you probably know), but then they combine it with the Autothrottle.

Correct. That’s how it works in real life in pretty much all GA aircraft that have TOGA including in the TBM

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Okay. Did not know about that!
I was looking for a way to use it as in a 737…pushing the lever to 40%, pushing the button and looking at the moving levers… :grin:
So… If I understand well, I switch TOGA to set the FD in some kind of “take off” mode. Then I manually push the levers to take off thrust, and I engage auto-thurst somewhere around 400 fts…Am I right?

Check out this post from a real life pilot of the said jet:

Ok, got it now.
But it seems that autothrottles on ground does not work as expected in MSFS, right?
Thanks for all the info…

That’s usually what I do. Although you can also arm the auto throttle which will immediately start to take off. And the Sim, things are a bit tricky with setting air speed so I usually fly manually until I can turn on the auto pilot.

Remember the longitude is very powerful and standard procedure is to reduce thrust almost immediately to maintain reasonable climb speed.

The autothrottle does work on the ground. But it will go to 100% and stay there

OK…I should have done something wrong. When arming autothrottle on ground for TO, nothing happens.

So, because the autothrottle is not working as it should in real life, you have the option of either pushing the button while on the ground or while airborne. For me, I pretend that it’s real life, that way, if Asobo fixes it, I would have already gotten accustomed to it:

I push the TOGA before engine start, then when I get to the runway, I advance the Throttle to around 50% and push the Autothrottle. The in-game thrust levers advance to takeoff position and stays there until it reaches whatever speed you set on the spd dial.

Problem soled, thank you. Mea culpa.

For me, if I set the speed inner switch to “selected” (I think that’s what it’s called, the manual selection), and set the speed either to the 185 Vfto or 200-210 depending on the SID chart max speed, then I just advance the thrust levers to 50% and push the autothrottle. Yes it advances the speed to 100% but as soon as it gets to the selected speed, it retards to maintain it. After I’m done with whatever immediate turn I might need, I adjust to 250