Cessna CJ4 work-in-progress - PFD/MFD/FMS displays and approach

I have been flying the CJ4 with the Beta software on a few test flights and I really like the model. Just a couple of observations:

  • can the PFD / MDF / FMS displays be modified to ‘pop up’ at some point? The numbers and info on the displays are very small and very hard to read without zooming in and out constantly.

  • also, I followed an approach to KAUS - ILS 18L and the plane started the ILS descent before it was due to follow the glide slope on approach, so I almost landed about 2 Nm from the runway.

If this is not the correct area of the forum for this feedback, please let me know.

I “pop” those windows out just by using the normal right alt key and mouse click ??

Ok thank you ?? The keys on the FMS don’t pop out and the keys on the GSN / G1000 and all other nav radio systems on all other aicraft also also don’t pop out ?? Half a solution ??

I am NOT a guru and there are many on here that can help. From what I’ve read, you will need something like AirManager and a touchscreen monitor or there are other devices like AXAIR and Class Echo as well as StreamDeck and X-touch mini. I’ve been looking into all of these comparing prices and trying to decide which one is best for me. Google these and see how they might work for you and then search these discussions for more info on each one. Good luck, I’m still trying to figure out which is best for me. Each has it’s pro’s & cons. I like AM but you need to buy the program and touchscreen(s) and a devie called a knobster and those add up. The others just use some interface where they control the knobs and buttons.