Cessna Grand Caravan issues after latest update

Yoke does not disappear when clicking on yoke or selecting instruments in the area. Also, once a flight plan has been loaded during aircraft selection, it does not remain in the FMC except for Departure and destination. This just started after the latest update (

This doesn’t seem to be a common issue, so it 's probably something MSFS stored, or setting related on your computer.
Did you try deleting the rolling cache?
Are their any mods in your connunity folder?

I had the same issue. It turned out that an add-on checklist mod that I had put into Community was causing the problem. Remove the checklist mod and it should return to normal.

208 is working well since last update, except for limited ground rudder steering … I can’t pivot in tight spaces - but I don’t have time in the airplane to tell if this is normal.

Thanks for the suggestion. Had a MOD called “Mod-Aircraft-C208”. I removed it and everything is back to normal.

Thank you to all who responded.


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