Cessna Issues?

Currently flying KIAD-KORF in a cessna 172 G1000/ ATC is asking me to climb/maintain 14K alitiude, but I get a stall warning at around 4300’. ATC will not let me request lower alt…

What climb rate are you trying to use, and/or have you leaned the engine Mixture for max RPM? At 4000 feet in the sim you need to be leaned to about 53%. Unrealistic but that’s what it takes. ATC is bad about assigning unrealistic altitudes (14k is max altitude for a 172) so I disregard and just listen to them continuing to tell me I’m low. Regards

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I just waited for about half hour til I had the option to request 4k alt lol. Never thought about leaning out fuel mix, hopefully I remember that for the future!

I hit 3K feet and leaned out fuel. Still stalled around 3500. Whats going on here lol

Are you in freezing conditions by any chance (clouds, cold air, etc). Are you picking up any visible ice on the airframe or windshield?? What climb rate are you maintaining? Climb rate at 3000 feet should still be able to climb at at least 600 feet/minute. Don’t go much above that for very long. Make sure your climb speed is max power and enough climb angle to maintain about 70 knots. By the way, leaning in the sim requires starting to lean at about 1700 feet MSL. Don’t wait to start leaning till you get much higher. Once you start leaning, watch your RPMs and just pull it back a bit until the RPM start to drop, and then push it up a bit. You’ll have to keep leaning as you go up. In the sim, somewhere around 3000 feet, you’ll be at about the max amount you’ll have to lean. Shouldn’t work that way but it does. Sorry if I confused you earlier by saying at 4000’ you should be at 53% lean. It’s true, but I assumed you were leaning on the way up and just hadn’t leaned enough by the time you hit 4000. Actually, you’ll hit the 53% max lean at near 3000 feet, and then should be good for the rest of the climb. If you’ve leaned correctly at 3000’, in level flight you should be getting around 2600 RPM and should be able to continue climbing.

I started leaning at around 2800, to 75% and i stalled, tried leaning more and was already max throttle.

Also, I think that plane is set by default to start with flaps part way down. Make sure you get them up around 500’ AGL after takeoff…

i did that, so that definitely wasnt cause

Not sure what’s going on. I’m in the non-Garmin 172 right now doing the same thing to verify there’s not something going on with the flight model in the sim. Right now climbing through 7200’ with no problems. Let me see what else might be. Ok, this version of the 172 seems even more sensitive to leaning. After I hit 7000’ I’ve leaned to around 43% to keep the RPM up.

my climb angle is only about 5 degrees, about 80Knots, and 400ft/min now at 10,000.

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