Cessna Longitude Auto-throttle

The autothrottle will not disconnect. Anyone else having this problem?

Just ruined a 3 hour flight for me. Def seems bugged

I have been flying it all day and the auto throttle has been fine for me. I am using the click spot on the throttle to toggle it on/off.


Did try to click on the throttle but it would not work. Did assign buttons also but no luck there either, had to abort the flight.

Could be wrong, but I think the issue is there is no key binding for AUTO THROTTLE DISCONNECT. There is one for AUTO THROTTLE ARM and one for AUTO THROTTLE TO GA. Clicking on the disconnect buttons seems to work fine to turn it off, but it is hard to get the camera around to that angle on the front side / bottom and click on them. Clicking on ARM while they on seems to disconnect about 50% of the time for me.

Ideally you could bind a disconnect to the throttle axis on a joystick / throttle and it would disconnect when you manually move the throttle.


I actually click on the other button on the front of the throttle, the one that says ARM…The side facing the pilot. It works to disconnect too. Is this possibly related to using windowed vs. full screen mode in graphics?

Hmm, could be! Seems to be hit or miss after trying it some more. (edited my post to reflect that). If we can get something definitive we can get a bug report sent off. Thanks for testing it out!

Well if you have to push the buttons in front of the throttles they definitely should put them on the controller setup so we can assign it to a button/switch. I run the sim in fullscreen mode.

Love this jet… but if it comes to landing it :pensive: approach speed is strange if you drop the throttle a bit i falls like a brick! Never had one nice landing with it.

Mine wont hold speed at all ? How do you activate it ?

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At the speed knob you can change betwen fms and manual, turn to manual, set the speed and engage AT


Yeah i did that its not working.

You pushed the AT engage on the Throttle ?

Anyone else notice the fuel burn is way off?

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Yes it is indeed

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No i missed that, im an idiot. Thanks alot its working now

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■■■■, I was so excited for this plane. It climbs like it’s got after burners and burns fuel like it too.

This sim is still in Beta state, they got a ton of things to fix. I have notice the high fuel burn in other aircraft’s as well.

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I’ve been fighting with Auto-Throttle all day. I can’t get it to work… I’ve been playing Flight Simulators for over 10 years and I can’t seem to get it even turn on.

Yes - it won’t hit the range limit even with an empty payload, I suspect this issue may be part of the unstable AOA it holds in cruise.