Cessna longitude dropping airspeed while approaching cruise altitude

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While flying at ~44,500ft in the Cessna Longitude with autothrottle and autopilot engaged the speed would drop from 200 kts to ~140 kts and then recover after about 30 seconds. This cycled 5-6 times before I ended the flight.

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R7 3700X, 3080Ti, honeycomb alpha yoke and bravo TQ

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I had a similar problem… make sure all of your AI piloting assists are off. Also you should be climbing at 220-230kts in FLC mode, not sure why you’re at 200.

Thanks for the tips. This was my first flight post SU7 and I see a lot of the settings reverted back to their defaults. I’m climbing at 200 because I have the AP set in manual mode and that’s what I fly at, but I’ll try it at 230kts and with my settings back in TTL mode and report back.