Cessna longitude garmin issue

Hello fellow Flight Sim folk. I have been enjoying the Cessna Longitude. But when it comes to ILS, when I get instructions on approach and RWY etc, I go into my Garmin and press PROC to select RWY and approach, and I can not scroll down on the RWY selection screen to select the RWY I want. Is this a known issue? Any fixes or help?

Thank you kindly

Hello @andyskywalker80

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Thank you. I hope someone can help.

are you on default garmin or the modded Working title’s G3000?

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I am using the one that came with the sim. I bought the full version. Do I need to download something? Thank you for your reply.

on this page at the bottom are the current projects of working title.
the G1000/G3000/GX are mods that will fix the garmins.

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Thank you,. There are a lot of files. Do you by any chance know which one it is?

^ on page scroll down to G1000 and click on current version , you get a new page , scroll down the page till you see workingtitle-G1000-(version number).zip in the zip is a folder and move it to your community folder , repeat for G3000 and GX.

All I see are a load of documents and when I click on G1000 it takes me to a page with code. I do not see a file to download.

All the way to the bottom. There is a list. In the column that says Current Version, click on that. That takes you to a page where you can download. Also, Longitude is a G3000 mod, not G1000.

Any chance you can post the link to the page please? The link that is on this thread does not have any of what you just wrote. Nowhere to download.

Thank you so much for being so helpful. I appreciate you.

Release g3000-v0.5.1 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

On the bottom. The Zip file.

Is this it?

Yes. Here is the install instruction from that page:


Download workingtitle-g3000-v0.5.1.zip from the Github release page. Do not download the Source code files unless you are sure you want those.

To install, copy the workingtitle-g3000 folder from the zip file into your Community directory.

If you want to enable the road display for the navigation map, you must also download workingtitle-g3000-roaddata-v0.1.0.zip from the Github release page. To install the road data package, copy the workingtitle-g3000-roaddata folder from the zip file into your Community directory. Requires 1.3 GB of hard drive space.

the newest version is v0.6.0

No it’s not. :wink:

BTW, I’m using the WT mod. But how do I scroll when there are no arrows on the screen? I’m trying to scroll down the list of departures, but the screen is full and the one I need is below the displayed list.

Thanks! (Edit: Scroll bar on right, as pointed out by someone on Discord.)

I downloaded it thank you. I am still having issues scrolling on the screen when I want to select an approach when clicking PROC. There is a list, it doesn’t show all approaches and you need to scroll down. How do you do this? is there a special way? Mouse wheel doesn’t work. Both mouse buttons do not work either. Any ideas?

Scroll bar does not seem to work. Am I clicking in the wrong area?

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I think you’re looking for (how to scroll for more procedures).
You should be able to “grab” the line I’ve marked inside the circle by holding down the left mouse button, and then moving it downward to show more approaches.
Hope this is what you’re looking for, and my comments make sense. Let me know if you need something else or if this works.
By the way, this is the basic (non-modded) setup if that makes a difference. I would think some of the buttons at the bottom of the screen should allow you to actually scroll the screen, but they’re not active in the standard setup. They might be in the mod, so you might check them also.

Thank you so much for your help and reply. I willl give that a try when I get home. I’ll let you know.

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