Cessna Longitude - has G3000 - should be G5000

Not a really big deal, but with all the work that went into the Longitude in terms of graphics, why install the older G3000 when clearly the Longitude comes equipped with the G5000. Please don’t go down the road of another popular aircraft maker. (I will leave them unnamed.) They build BEAUTIFUL eye candy but their IFR navigation is and always has been non functional for IFR flight. Don’t start out of the gate like them - PLEASE.

I can’t speak to all the specifics of what should be in the real aircraft vs. what is in the simulation. But as for “why” - I’ll offer a possible explanation, as a simulation developer.

There are only so many man-hours that can go into developing something, and probably a non-trivial amount of time goes into developing recreations of an avionics system. The G530/430, the G1000, G3000, G3X, and the assorted airliners.

I don’t believe any of them work 100%, even now. Maybe the 530? So if you have two choices…

  1. Add another avionics system to develop and have all of them be less functional as a result of further dilution of resources
  2. Use the G3000 as a stand-in and let all the avionics systems be a bit less broken out of the gate

…it’s not hard to justify going the route of option 2. Particularly the case given how sloppy a lot of stuff was at release time.

Ultimately the primary goal of MSFS is/was to create a world engine and ecosystem into which various things can be developed. They were pretty clear that there would be a limit to the fidelity of the default aircraft provided, and for more detail and “realism” to be left to 3rd-party payware. IMO that’s the correct choice to make. It’s entirely possible that the G3000/G5000 thing was a result of that decision.


isnt an ecosystem where things can be developed if aircraft files are locked down. Realism cannot be left to third party developers if everything is locked up and made impossible to edit.

There have already been improvements made to the Longitude despite any locks on it’s files. The G3000 mod was made to work with it and DakFly’s flight dynamics. And really, other than VNAV what else would you like it to do? As an accomplished “not pilot”, I can perform a nearly flawless IFR flight in that aircraft easier than maybe any other in the sim. It flies nice and looks great. And i’ll state again for the record, I have 0 idea of what I’m actually doing :wink: I’m pretty sure I saw where they’re working on the VNAV function now, and TCAS if it does work, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. The one time I got on here and complained about the plane, I found the malfunction was my fault very quickly, but other than that I’m very happy with it.

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I would love to see a working TCAS! On the overhead, seat belts and no smoking lights are an easy implementation, logo lights don’t work for whatever reason, vnav, lots of buttons, knobs and switched on the center pedastal and more.

Do you have the DakFly mod installed? My logo lights work for sure, I’m not sure about the other stuff. Goto Dak’s thread about the mod and maybe he’ll be able to implement them. The mod mostly helps with flight dynamics but they have added better lighting and stuff like that to it, so maybe. I wish I was smart enough to do it myself, but alas. I do liveries and struggle with even those sometimes lol.
Here’s the link to the smart people:
Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification Project - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Also here is the link to the G3000 Mod for extra functionality in the avionics too.
WorkingTitle G3000 mod: latest version v0.4.1 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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No I don’t! Can’t wait to try out these mods soon. Thank you so much for these!!

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