Cessna Longitude (Not Available)

Cannot locate the Cessna Longitude in the aircraft selection with the recent Xbox upgrade.

Go to world map.
On the upper-left click aircraft.
From drop down menu select jets.


Which version of the sim do you have? The Longitude is included as part of the Premium DLC but not as part of the base sim.

If you already own this but the aircraft has vanished you can check to see if it has been downloaded in content manager.

I have the most expensive deluxe version. I checked and the only thing I have for the Longitude are Liveries, which I suspect is the problem. May be I failed to delete my community folder before the last upgrade, but these Liveries are all Microsoft.

  1. options.

  2. Sign out and sign in again. (Top right in game. Sign out of Xbox validation.)
    Then close game and restart.
    Official content is all encrypted and DRM protected. Sometimes it doesn’t get validated on start and does not appear in hangar.

  3. Check content manager. Is it there? If so, uninstall and install again. It should come back.

  4. Failing all the above. I had this happen to a marketplace purchased aircraft once. It didn’t update correctly and basically wasnt there.

Root about in the “official” folder (I don’t know the default location of this, I’m on Steam and chose a custom install location)
You might find the aircraft’s folder. (Hide it, rename it whatever)
On sim restart it might prompt to download an update. This ought to be the plane.

Hello guys,
The cessna longitude is still a piece of s***…and the big cities too…when the Autopilot is on and follows the flight plan the aircraft is bouncing right to left…around 10 degre… And the taxi lights are not working.
New York and Los Angeles are broken…gave me a nice CTD…
In Los Angeles if you put the aircraft on the ramp and try to start the engine and after roll out you will get a CTD.
The asobo should work faster on these problems…
I paid for the biggest package…they gave us a half ready game.
Regards Zoltan

I located the solution by downloading additional content within MSFS 2020.

Closing topic as the issue seems solved.