Cessna Sunday "COLORADO RIVER FUN RUN" w/EasternHops

Hello, Flight Sim Friends,
We invite you to join us during the Offical EasternHops "Cessna 172 Sundays” This Sunday we will be flying the “COLORADO RIVER FUN RUN” an epic 15 leg 20 - 35+ nm group airport hops with Pilots from around the world. Hope you can join us.

When: Sunday, Jan 23 / 21 11:AM EST/1600,gmt

Where: on the MSFS2020 Multiplayer, Server EAST USA

Discord Communication >> EasternHops FlightSim Community

For full event information and flight plan, Airport Charts, and more, Check out our E-Generator CLICK HERE

Need help, use our “Need Help Let’s Chat” support line on our https://easternhops.com/ website home page.

Be sure to check out the event calendar and join “Bush Divers” events on Saturdays

Happy Landings to all, Hope you will join us this Sunday

AZ06 KLGF 56CL P20 49X A09 1L4 AZ50 U30 1G4 3AZ5 1Z1 AZ40 T03 50AZ 38AZ

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