Cessna Sunday "SOUTHERN-ITALY-Pasta/Pizza-Deliveries" w/EasternHops

Hello, Flight Sim Friends,
We invite you to join us during the "Offical EasternHops "Cessna Sundays” This Sunday we will be flying the “SOUTHERN-ITALY-Pasta/Pizza-Deliveries” an epic 15 leg 20 - 35+nm group airport hops with Pilots from around the world. Hope you can join us.

When: Sunday, May 22nd / 2022 11:AM EDT/1600,gmt

Where: on the MSFS2020 Multiplayer, Server T/B/A

Discord Communication >> EasternHops FlightSim Community

For full event information and flight plan, Airport Charts, and more, Check out our E-generator CLICK HERE

Need help, use our “Need Help Let’s Chat” support line on our https://easternhops.com/ website home page.

Happy Landings to all, See you this Sunday

some screenshots during live Cessna Sunday Hops on FS2020

Retro (Tyler)

** chicagostyle | N221GG**


Pizza EH-4200

Pilots using Event Flight Tracker View Flight Traker HERE!