Cessna Sundays "Charlie's Rhine River Fun Run" W/EasternHops

Hello, Flight Sim Friends,
Hello EasternHopers and Friends, We invite you to Pick your favorite Cessna Skyhawk 172 and come and fly with us using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 We will take you on an epic 15 leg - 20nm 35nm+ Journey
flying to Random Airports hops all around the world.

This week’s adventure will be
“Charlie’s Rhine River Fun Run” hope you can join us.

“NEW” I have made a Cessna 172 with our easternhops paint liveries if you want you can try it out (if you already have the easternhops fleet pack you do not need this pack) If you have a Cessna 172 custom you can send it to me ill add it to the pack. visit Flightsim.to get a Download Here

Shout out to SkyChief aka Charlie for making this flight <<

When: Sunday, Sept 17th / 2023 11:AM EDT/1500,zulu

Where: on the MSFS2020 Multiplayer, Server - East USA

CLICK HERE to join us on Discord

Full Airport information, using our custom E-generator CLICK HERE[/b]

Download our event’s Flight Plan HERE!

Need help, use our “Need Help Let’s Chat” support line on our https://easternhops.com/ website home page.

GA Pilots, we have joined FSEconomy Game World come and join us to get more information, it adds to the flight sim experience

If you enjoy flying Cessna Sunday please consider supporting a vote for easternhops on https://va-list.com/ w/Thanks

Happy Landings to all, See you this Sunday

Screenshots from past Cessna Sunday events

NoBeta511 - EH6951

Steff EH-313



N67_22-Charlie (EH-22C)

chicagostyle | N221GG


Pizza EH-4200

Pilots using Event Flight Tracker Click here

If you have flown Cessna Sunday with us and have screenshots please add them so we can see them

hey guys , last week i’d try to join the team but i couldn’t see anybody and i believe i had the wrong setup , i have everything in live mode and thats why i couldn’t see any players , and i believe i got it right this time , now , what time we are talking about since i live in eastern time, thank you

I am glad to report that in discord we have resloved “PimpyBoy” issue he is now seeing pilots during our Cessna Sunday weekly event

Yes , actually I did , I didn’t know that for you able to see other players is by setting the all players visible tab instead of live players, with live players you see the players who’s playing with live weather, and with all players setting you see, all players!
But yes , I have fun playing with other players since I never had that experience, and I do recommend to anyone who’s following that path, thank you much!!

17 years and still going stronger than ever. :+1: