CH Pedals USB

My left/right rudder axis is assigned to my CH Peds via Joystick L Axis Z. When I kick rudders either direction, they maintain position for a second or 2 and then return to center. When taxiing, they tend to input small movements, left and right without any input from me. What’s causing all this and how is it resolved? Thanks

Try downloading and calibrating them with the CH Manager software from the MFG website. I had similar issues that this fixed. You may have to remap them after installing this software.

I have no issues with my CH rudder pedals, but am not sure what I have assigned. Will have to check.

Best practice is to calibrate and set up a profile with CH manager. Remember to load it before launching the sim.

I actually modded mine and swapped the stock springs with MUCH lighter ones. Has barely any tension now, which vastly improved my ground control. Doesn’t sound like this would fix your problem, but may improve your experience further after you get the software sorted.

I discovered the root of the problem. Rudder input had also been assigned to my T16000 twist handle. I disabled the assignment and the peds seem to be working as they’re supposed to. Thanks for the replies.


CH Manager never caused anything but trouble for lots of people (including me) on Windows 10, so IDK if it’s really a 'best practice." :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Hmm I’ve never had a problem with it in W10. Click the “direct” button, then use wizard to create combo setups. Load setup before sim launch.

I’ve got 4 setups between the Eclipse Yoke, Pro Pedals, Combatstick and Pro Throttle, depending on what I’m doing.

That said, it IS ■■■■ software. But never had an issue in FSX, P3D, DCS or Il-2.

Since mine always works nice without, I’m not gonna install it though.

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