CH Pro Pedals Not Recognized on every start?

My CH Pro Pedals are not recognized by the sim every time I start a flight. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. If they are not recognized, they are recognized after a full restart of the computer. I’m at a loss of what to do about this, beyond starting up my sim, and seeing if they are “connected” or not, and then rebooting if they aren’t. After I reboot, they work absolutely fine.

Has anyone had this?

Yes, I have CH Control Manager installed.

Yes, when I was using my son’s CH rudder pedals it sometimes wouldn’t be detected (actually most times after starting the PC). Worked around it by unplugging and plugging the USB cable of the pedals back in. No need to restart sim or computer.

I’ve tried that, with no luck sadly.

I have to use Control Manager, and old software assignment tool from CH. I run it every time I startup my computer, hit “Rescan” then exit out. It’s the only way I can verify the pedals are on and won’t time out.

I’ve noticed some of my hardware will not be picked up consistently on USB 2.0, but it never fails once I connect it to USB 3.0. . . . . maybe a Windows Update issue?

Try typing in the search box next to the Windows start button :USB game controller. This pops up ‘setup usb game controllers’ control panel applet. All your usb game controllers should be listed there.
I had some serious problems with CH’s Control manager under windows 10. Had to uninstall it in windows safe mode. CH Pro pedals work fine now without this piece of software.

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Had the same issue.
For me unplugging and plugging in the pedals was enough to have them working again in the flightsim.
As with RESETMCPALT, there was no need to restart sim and/or PC.
I dumped CH control manager a long time ago. If memory serves right, CH states on their website that it is not compatible with win10.
Because I experienced the same as you without CHControl Manager, I think it is not related to this problem.

I had problems like that. I ended up uninstalling CH Control Manager and have had no more issues, just as ShierLattice199 mentions.

Interesting. I could not get my pedals to work until I installed Control Manager. Under WIN10 game controllers did you have to configure the pedal at all? I see the pedal listed there and the status says “OK” but no movement is detected until I re-scan or unplug/plug them in. I just want to avoid having to unplug them each time.

No, I did not have to configure and/or calibrate the pedals. They worked ‘out of the box’

I must have an older version. Mine will not work unless I unplug or use Control Manger to re-scan them each time the computer is turned on. Can’t wait for Charlie.

Eh… who is Charlie ?:blush:

I suspect the same. There are some issues with USB connectivity circulating on the internet. Maybe Microsoft is adressing them under the hood?
Since a few days, when starting MSFS, I hear the same windows sound when plugging in USB devices.
However my controllers stay attached to the PC all the time. Strange…

Honeycomb Rudder Pedals coming next year.

After uninstalling CH Control Mgr, you might have to re-calibrate them with Windows.

I’m not home at the moment but I recall this windows app showed an option that I had to click something for the pedals to work as a legacy product…not sure tho.

So it should have been ‘what is Charlie?’ :blush:
Those honeycomb rudder pedals are an excellent choice !
And a world of difference for shure :wink:
I replaced my CH Pro Pedals with MFG Crosswind pedals

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So I went to the USB controllers in Win10 and when I clicked on the CH Pedals it told me I had to use Control Manager…I’m convinced I have a really old version of the pedals.

If Control Manger is installed, it will say that. I would suggest trying it without Control Manager installed and see if it works. If not then you can always reinstall it.

I solved this problem by disabling Windows Fast Startup. It must have something to do with the way power is provided to USB sockets.