Ch product yoke

do you know if there will be a file map for the chproduct yoke please ?

I have a CH Eclipse Yoke had a tough time at first. Need to look for the bindings that have Axis in the description( Ailerons,Elevators,Throttle,Fuel Mix and Prop Control. After that it took about 15 min. to setup.

Hope this helps.

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This video addresses the Rudder Pedals but the Yoke ought to have the same concepts.

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Ive got a ch eclipse yoke, can map buttons - but all analog inputs (throttle, mixture, rudder, bank left right / pull yoke up or push down) basically anything that should be an axis with sensitivity, all result in either zero or100% input. So rudder yaw left a tad as im taking off, and 100% left rudder… played with sensitivity settings as well does not help. Push throttle lever forward forward forward and nothing, then 100% as i near then end. Does not accept analog inputs

Im sure im missing something here, any ideas?


As noted on the parallel thread all these linear commands have a separate “AXIS” version. You have to use that. AXIS Elevator not Elevator Up and Down. You should get a proportional “gas gauge” indicator under each one showing the physical control position.

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