CH Products Pro Throttle and Reverse Thrust Issue

Found the right assignment location for CH Throttle in the never ending list of possible assignments and was thrilled that it worked. Calibrated Throttle with CH software and throttle worked fine last night in a Cessna 208 Caravan. About the first ten percent of the slider would kick in the reverse thrust when pulling back on the slider. Flew for several hours and it worked this way. Today the settings had mysteriously changed so that the reverse thrust now engages at 50% or less on the throttle slider. Tried doing all the calibrations again [in sim and with CH software] again but the best I can do is the 50% thrust and 50% power. Why 10% thrust and 90% power last night and now the 50/50 slider today? Did I overlook a setting on the long list of key assignments? Suggestions please.
DEVELOPER SUGGESTION: Would it be possible to put an extra setting in the Sensitivity settings to mark the point where Reverse Thrust kicks in on a throttle slider, a digital rather than physical detent!