CH Throttle no longer works after X-mas Update

Brief description of the issue: I did not change any setting and after update patch my previously working throttle does not work at all. Tried to reset the in-game controls but get only 50% move when sliding throttle. Slider either moves from left to center or from right to center depending on the reverse axis check box setting. Before patch slider would move full left to right and not just half way. Now, even though the control options show the throttle as moving to center only, the same slider in game does nothing to increase the planes throttle.

Have plugged, unplugged, and re-plugged controllers several times. Have rebooted system. Recalibrated stick and throttle as I normally do. None of these steps have helped.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: Note how slider only goes halfway now…

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Install today’s update and try to fly with a throttle that no longer detects the slider. Worked yesterday… Help please… Does this have anything to do with the two “Sensitivity” new settings?

Have you made sure that the “Neutral” slider is on 0%?

Got it to work. Had to hit the “Reset” in order to clear old settings. Once I hit reset throttle works.

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