CH Yoke will not center in FS 2020

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I searched and could not find anything. I use a CH yoke which appears to be physically centered when at rest, at least it looks that way by “eyeballing” it. However, on all planes in FS 2020 the yoke ( or stick ) is deflected slightly to the right before the aircraft flies. Once I take off, the plane immediately banks slightly to the right, and I have to use the aileron trim. As some of us know, trim in FS 2020 is unreliable, and that is an entirely different subject. Anyway, when I go into the Sensitivity part of the Controls section of FS and look at the horizontal black / white bar graph, it is obvious that my yoke is not centered when at rest. By turning the yoke all the way to the right and then back to the left, it still is not centered on the bar graph. I have looked for a way to adjust the center in the Controls section, but haven’t found found a way. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Curious, I’ve noticed something similar with my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. Sometimes it seems to be centered at the left or right edge of the deadzone. When I turn it left it will immediately start to turn and when I turn it right I will have to turn it a few degrees before it has effect, sometimes it is the other way around. In Windows it seems to be centering correctly though.

They REALLY need to add an in-sim calibration tool. Windows calibration works ok but not exactly easy to find, and peripherals like Logitech throttles don’t calibrate in the windows tool. There is no option to calibrate them.


Calibrate them using either the Windows game controller panel or the software that comes with it.

If you’re still having issues, I would recommend going into the MSFS sensitivity and lowering the sensitivity to that particular axis. Perhaps even introducing a small dead zone. I had to do that with my X56 stick and my Thrustmaster T-Flight before it. It would always have a slight pull to the right otherwise.

I also have this yoke and rudders. There is a program from CH called “Control Manager”. Some have found it not to work for them, but I have.

Also, I have done a mod to my yoke by replacing the springs in it. There’s several videos on youtube about replacing those springs (and there’s a rubber band trick too, but the springs work better).

I had the best results with my CH yoke/pedals by calibrating it with the CH Control Manager software.

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As said above, the CH manager is perfect for this, although it has a bad user interface.

Your problem however is modt likely a bad connection. The CH yoke is made with modders in mind so they don‘t really clamp the wires sufficiently. You can correct this yourself but you will have to open the yoke and hence you‘ll lose warranty. There are also several videos on youtube how to do it.

Turn the yoke upside down and remove the 8 screws. They are torx I believe, but not sure. (Don‘t overtorque them when you tighten them again later).
Remove the cover and take care, there are cables everywhere. Crimp the connections of the wires that lead to the encoders with some pliers, but carefully, the wires are thin. This should fix the problem.

I also have the CH yoke. Control manager is an absolute must and works absolutely fine with windows 10 2004. You should uninstall the yoke and any other CH product, install the control manager and then connect the yoke.
With control manager you can set proper null zones, calibrate correctly and then the FS will work fine.

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Thanks. I have installed the CH Products Control Manager, but cannot find the calibration tool. How do I get to that?

Open your CH Control Manager and click on the highlighted icon. The rest is self-explanatory.


The good, the bad, and the ugly: I found the calibration tool and went through the different exercises to reset my CH yoke. Everything appeared to go well. Then I opened FS 2020 to check to see if improvements were made. Guess what? FS had totally deleted all my yoke settings and I was back to “default”. I’m tired now. I guess tomorrow’s project will be to set up my yoke again. Hopefully, it will be properly centered. Sometimes I wonder if FS 2020 is worth it.

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Let’s not blame FS for everything :slight_smile:
Your system has a new yoke. It is not the same you had for the system.
And well, it’s not a day’s project, right? :roll_eyes:

You are absolutely correct. I installed the Control Manager and did the yoke and pedal calibrations. Of course, I had to go into FS and reconfigure everything, but it all works fine now, and the yoke is centered properly. However, an added bonus is the auto pilot. The AP had never worked properly for me, and I blamed it on the FS program itself and wondered when Microsoft was going to “fix” the program. Now, it looks like my AP problem was due to my yoke and pedals not being properly calibrated. I had planned to buy new Logitech yoke and pedals when they become available, but I may hang onto the CHs if they continue to work well.


testing the yoke, rudder, and mouse.
i have ch yoke, thrustmaster rudder, and of course a mouse. i was sitting on the runway just before takeoff and i saw that the rudder was going left to right or vice versa by itself, when i move the mouse over another monitor i ve disconnecte the rudder…problems stops.then reconnect problem came back, what ive done is …resetiings to default the rudder settings in the controls msfs…so this solved this problem…but then when i move again the mouse to another monitor and take off from the runway the plane goes up and down…not having any more problem with left or right…ive disconnected the yoke…no more problem…reconnect it problem came back…if i disconnect the yoke the rudder and mouse the plane goes straight and theres no problems … so now im trying to find out why the plane goes up and down when moving the mouse to another monitor…one of my friend has a Saitek yoke and have the same exact problem, so all the problems are not coming from ch or Saitek itself but from elsewere…not keeping the settings we make in the controls menu
ive also reset all the SENSIVITY setting to zero.or near zero -1, -2, this seems to play a lot with everything.

Check the USB Ports. It seems that they have to less power!

I have Thrustmaster Hotas One and I have the same problem. Can´t center the ailerons. Keep going sightly to the right.