Chair, controls, desk - any rule of thumb on ideal heights and angles?

I’d like to get some decent rudder pedals like the thrustmaster (where your heels rest on the floor), but feel I won’t benefit from them without getting a more recumbant seat and possibly lowering my desk. Are there any general rules here to work from? Currently I have a normal home office desk and chair, and found the logitech pedals I had before hopeless (went back to twist stick).

(74) ALL NEW Monstertech Blackbird Flight Chair Review!! - YouTube

Watch this review here. I am thinking about the chair for next year as version 2 comes out which allows locking the swivel motion so it doesn’t. But want to know if chair is “all day chair” so I can use it for other work. Thinking a “U” Shaped setup in office (like now) but open tables instead of file drawers etc. underneath. And so I can crank then up or down in case I want to have it lower for something. FWIW height of current setup is 29" (US) with slide out drop down for keyboard. it is close to the correct height. If you find good stuff let us know.

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I can’t help but keep thinking about a car seat. One hopefully free of bloodstains etc from a dismantler. The real masochists amongst us might even consider an electrically driven one.

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