Change aircraft / airport without going to menu

Since it is possible to change aircraft from the Dev menus, would you consider having this capability from within the sim without the need to either enable dev, or return to menu?

The same function to change airport would also be appreciated.

The time to return to main menu and return to sim in a new plane or location is considerable, so providing the user an easy quick way to do this seems like common sense.

Voted. Such a simple feature that has been overlooked.


Agreed! It would be a great quality of life improvement. Voted!

voted as well

I think it would be a valid feature although my guess would be your flight plan data would go away since there is no way to ensure things would get transferred properly between different cockpit instruments. You’d simply be in the other plane at the same altitude and location with your controls set the same. Expect weird behavior at that point.

I’m not really thinking for ‘in flight’ use. More like all the million times I accidentally end up on the ramp in the plane I flew yesterday because I’m too stupid to click all the right things at the menu.

Same thing with the airport really, how many times have I accidentally ended up starting on the runway when I didn’t intend too? Guaranteed several minute wait to get out, reset and re-enter the sim. It’s silly. Yes, slew exists, I know. Trying to slew onto a stand precisely is no small feat.

In-flight presents issues well beyond flight planning… Hopping from A320 to the C152 at .75 mach and 40k feet would bring a pandoras box of problems too. But thats not really where the utility of such a feature would shine.


And changing the callsign please! Not that it happens very often but when you forget to set it correctly it takes so much time to go back to the menu, change it and then load the flight again and start up the plane again

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I haven’t needed that, but I guess some folks might. Should be included if they do the others.