Change aircraft registration?

Hey guys, is there any chance changing the aircraft default registration? I thought i saw it on a youtube vid, but can‘t find it anymore…
cheers Daniel

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When you plan a flight in World Map, and choose aircraft, there is an option somewhere. Look left where you change liveries and stuff

That is exactly where to look. One of the buttons on the left within aircraft is ATC. Click on that and you can then type in your registration number as well as callsign.

Has anyone found out a way to permanently set a default registration? I always forget it and am greeted with Cessna GSX by ATC without an option to update it i game :roll_eyes:
I’ll have to check if there’s somewhere code I could change to at least set one global default.


Is there a way to save this rather than having to enter it each flight?


I have been entering it every time… it would be nice if it could be ‘permanent’. As in… ‘remember the last time I flew this aircraft’ type of memory within the program :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can modify the aircraft.cfg file but that doesn’t work for deluxe or premium aircraft. So as of right now, there’s no way to set it permanently for all aircraft…


Thanks, works a treat for the 172

I am dissatisfied with the way the license plates are assigned.
For example, if I enter a license plate number for the A320neo and then switch to a Cessna, it will show the same license plate number that I had previously given to the A320neo.
That is wrong. It should be possible to have one license plate for one aircraft and another one for another aircraft.

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There is a download on MSFS addons. Great little add on to change your registration, flight # and callsign for all aircraft, all the time.

Could we get to know what this add on is called?

Last time I looked it was gone.

Ahh, rip, welp guess I’ll use the change files trick then

Hello, if u want to delete the registration, just put a blank text in the atc_id line in the aircraft.cfg