Change color of user airplane icon in Little NavMap

Has anyone changed to color of the airplane icons on Little NavMap? To me the default yellow one is difficult to find quickly. In the Little NavMap folder is a file “customize” In there is a file “” I extracted this and found “aircraft_jet_user.svg” and “aircraft_jet_ground_user.svg”. I loaded these into my editor and changed the color to a shade of blue. I then restarted Little NavMap to see if there was any change, but no, it’s still yellow. Am I close to doing this or way off? Help please.

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I think that method is only valid for the AI aircraft. I managed to change the shapes and the colors for those. If there´s a way to change player´s one I don´t know it.


I thought it would be my icon since the name has “user”. Anyway, I found part of my error. My editor, Corel PaintShop, will not save the modified file as svg. It will only save it as jpg. So now my question is how can I edit these svg files and save them as svg?